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Online Audience Measurement MENA

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[dropcap style=”2″ color=”#f50a0a” text=”R”]esearch Market leader Ipsos has released its 2012 ‘Online Audience Measurement’ study which is conducted to track Internet consumption habits in MENA region. There are two research methodologies that delivers “fusion panel” data which is a software panel data covering four countries (KSA, Egypt, Jordan, and UAE) and “Cookie Panel” data which is data for participated websites covering 11 countries ( KSA, Egypt, Jordan, UAE, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iraq , Morocco, Oman, Syria, Qatar).

The report is showing interesting trends in each country, e.g. in Egypt, both religion and dating websites are in the top 5 categories that Egyptians visit and spend time on per each visit!! Also in KSA finance & stock market websites have the highest reach, highest page views, visits, and time spent per visit compared to other countries…etc. The report is comprehensive and ranking the content of interest and websites in each category by different means of metrics!

Sample of information provided :

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