One Hour Agency Delivers Advertising Ideas in 60 Minutes

Swedish based One Hour Agency [OHA] seems to pay high attention to time factor, They value every minute as they promise to deliver your Advertising Ideas in 60 minutes. As you always get that feedback from any client to get your job done in minimum time and budget. One Hour Agency delivered that pie chart to prove its possible.

[blockquote style=”quote” align=”right” author=”Larsen, Interactive Art Director”]It’s not that you deliver a final solution,build relationships by showing how you work, who you are and what you can do. [/blockquote]Using the simplest website ever, One Hour Agency is the brainchild of interactive art directors Ben Langeveld and Ingmar Larsen, who, along with a half-dozen other creatives from the Hyper Island program, want just 60 minutes of your time. “You give us one hour. We generate quality ideas,” they say.

Time factor is very competitive edge in true business when every minutes worth money and most of nowadays run for the last minute for an agency expecting miracles in very tight time frame, while it become common for an agency to miss the deadline/s!

One Hour Agency Delivers Advertising Ideas in 60 Minutes
Agency Approach
[photo courtesy; One Hour Agency]

Even if it sounds very challenging but believes 60 minutes is plenty of time !

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