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OMD Launches (DE) Code H Event To Focus On Human Behaviors

Building a strong bond and a relationship with the consumers or stakeholders requires a perfect understanding of their behavior. For a long time, many business owners and especially marketers have always tried to have a better understanding of consumer behavior as it is the key to building a strong brand and earning loyal customers.

OMD MENA is launching an event that will provide new methods and will give a chance to business owners to build a stronger and close bond with consumers and stakeholders.

Here’s everything you need to know about OMD and its new event.


Who Is OMD?

OMD is a global media network and it is a part of Omnicom Media Group.

The company is the largest and most innovative marketing company in the world with more than 10,000 employees serving the most successful and famous global brands. OMD was named the best performing global media network overall and in 2020; it was ranked as the world’s largest media network by COMvergence with global billings estimated at 21.3 billion dollars.

OMD was also named the Global Media Agency Leader for 2020 by Forrester and 2020 Global Media Agency of the Year by Adweek.


OMD’s Event Series

OMD will launch a new events series, Sense, with a conference in Dubai.

The event is set to be launched on the 25th of May under the name of (De)Code H and it will take place in the Museum of the Future. As we previously mentioned the event will provide and explore new ways to build a strong bond with consumers and stakeholders, it will also bring international thought-leadership and practice to discuss relevance, importance, and management of trust, empathy, psychology, and ethics in business and corporate relationships.

OMD partnered with W Group, a company owned by W Ventures Holdings to offer cutting-edge out-of-home media and digital and experimental solutions.

Right now we realize that a disconnect with people falling out of love with advertising is growing and the business and marketing have turned cold as it is all driven by data, algorithms, and AI and it sometimes looks at people as machines or robots instead of humans. To be able to create a deeper bond with the consumers and business partners, it is essential to change focus and consider the warmer side of data organizations.


OMD Sense Explores The Impact and Implications

OMD always makes sure to go beyond today’s reality and priorities.

The company’s event Sense will explore the impact and implications of emerging trends, fresh thinking, and innovations on people and brands. The event aims to give its stakeholders a rich knowledge experience and a sense of direction through the focus on strategic considerations that transcend marketing and affect broader businesses.

It is expected that around 200 senior business, marketing, advertising, and media executives to attend. The event will include the attendance of Nathalie Nahai who is an author, consultant, lecturer, and human behavior expert, Chrissie Hanson, OMD’s global chief strategy officer, Andrew Campbell, Brand Finance’s MD for the Middle East, and Seb Hernoux, OMD’s chief data and technology officer.

All of these big names will take the audience on a journey towards a better understanding and application of human behavior and innovation, valued experiences, and a fairer value exchange.

Saleh Ghazal, managing director of OMD UAE said:

“The past two years have accelerated change and deeply affected businesses everywhere. They’ve also given us the time and reason to rethink what knowledge to share and how with our business partners. The result of this reflection is the Sense series and the first theme. Decoding human behaviors, to better understand and work with them, is a major step forward for businesses and brands as it leads to greater affinity, trust, and attention”.


With this event and the company’s efforts, it is expected that OMD will be able to develop more effective, sustainable, and balanced relationships for its clients’ brands.

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