OLX Egypt offers families economical advice for the upcoming Eid and Summer season

OLX Egypt, the leading classified ads platform in the country, wishes Muslims around the world a Ramadan Kareem. Most Egyptian families celebrate the holy month and Eid seasons according to their financial capabilities, specifically the housewives who choose to decorate their homes, upgrade their furniture and cooking utensils to host guests during Ramadan.

Accordingly, OLX will support the Egyptian families with smart suggestions to renew their homes with cheaper prices than those available in the market. OLX compared the prices of new furniture items in the Egyptian market with their corresponding secondhand items available on OLX Egypt and the results are as follows:

OLX Egypt offers families economical advice for the upcoming Eid and Summer season

Purchasing secondhand furniture through the OLX Egypt application saves the Egyptian user up to 46.7% from the total price. Moreover, selling secondhand furniture on OLX Egypt provides you with the following:

  • Extra cash: which can be utilized in gifting a loved one, or paying the first installment for a desired item
  • Bigger space: selling unutilized items means a wider and bigger space at home and redecorating
  • Change for the better: exchanging items through buying and selling, empowers the secondhand economy


“OLX platform includes all the daily essentials for Egyptian users, whether it’s a child who searches for a toy or a lady dreaming of a dress, whether it is the housewife who wishes to redecorate her home style or the man who searches for a new apartment or in need to sell his car.  OLX platform unites people from different age and social categories and forms a strong bond between them established on the concept of selling and purchasing in the community” stated Mr. Abdallah Touqan, Director of PR and Communications at OLX MENA.

OLX Egypt has now over 2.9 million monthly active users on its platforms, and their browsing sessions last 21 minutes on average. In April 2016, OLX Arabia app is ranked as the #1 shopping app in the App Store and Google Play in Egypt. As for the general app ranking for all categories OLX Arabia is in the top 10 in Egypt for App Store and Google Play. OLX platform analyzes users’ behavioral patterns through immense amounts of data and statistics available. During Ramadan, results prove that the peak time for browsing is 1pm, while the least active time is between 7pm and 8pm around Iftar time. Browsing increases once more during the late hours at night and decreases past 1am.

OLX experts advise app users with these tips to sell their items faster and effectively:

  • Choosing the appropriate section to classify your listing on the application
  • Adding a reasonable price matching the state of potentially sold item, while comparing it with similar products on the same section to reach the best possible pricing
  • Taking multiple photos for the item you plan on selling as OLX allows up to 8 uploads
  • Providing truthful information with a detailed description about the product, mentioning the reason for selling it (the price, the model, production date, the state, etc.)
  • Providing a contact number to receive calls from potential buyers
  • Choosing the location precisely from the “location” menu on the application

OLX launched recently some new and easy features that enhance the Egyptian user experience. The new features are simply designed to ensure a high performance, efficient and user-friendly experience for the users. Those features include the: the “Save Search” and the “Save Favorites”, which allow the housewife to save her favored items and discuss the purchases with her husband when he returns from work. Besides, OLX introduced the “Location Search” and the “Location Map” features which facilitate for housewives locating their desired items considering their proximity to them.

Download the OLX Arabia app which is available for both iOS and Android or logon to the OLX website and start selling your unused or secondhand items in Egypt. It is free and with no commission and helps society members to get extra cash by selling items they no longer use them.

** Prices shown are based on a sample from well-known local stores

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