Old famous Ramadan games now in your pocket

With the high penetration of electronic games, and with everything moving from offline to online majority of the classical games got an online version, naming chess, backgammon, cards, and many others!

A new interesting classical game just brought to the mobile games market named “bedoon kalam”. Yes! It’s the online version of the old game that we all used to play! Tracking the popularity of the game we have to go back to the 90’s were it was very popular in Egypt after the very famous program “men gheer kalam” started to run on TV in Ramadan. The program was presented by the famous comedian Hassan Mostafa hosting the majority of famous actress of the 90’s.

Few years after anther show started called “bedoon kalam” presented by Sameer Sabri also hosting the actress to play the game:

If you were born in the 80’s you have defiantly played that game with school colleagues, cousins, family and friends.

“bedoon kalam” game is a social game where you play with your Facebook friends , or with the game community on Facebook. Similar to the original game you choose what to act (series, play, film or song), you then choose whether it’s old or new, then you act/present it by drawing. The drawing is then sent to your friends through the game, or you choose to post it to the game Facebook community. After you receive the guesses and announce the winner!

Mona Shorkof the founder of the game decided to launch the new version of the app on her birthday December 26th to make it a remarkable day in her life.

The game is now in Arabic and available for Android. Soon the game will be available for all the mobile platforms. You can download the game from Google Play.

Sara Shabana

Head of Brand Communications at Amazon MENA - Brand communications | Community Building & Engagement | Brand Experience | Content Marketing | Omni Channel & Customer Experience | Digital Research | Speaker