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Official launch: Africa IoT & Ai Challenge

IEEE Global Conference on Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (GCAIoT)

We live in a time where we almost depend on technology completely; and with the emergence of many services, you can notice that there doesn’t go a day without us using technology. This is why we witness many events created only for technology and AI.

So, if you are interested in technology, working in the technical field or have technical skills, then you might wanna read this article as it will be really interesting to you.


The Africa IoT & Ai Challenge

Two years ago, the Arab IoT and AI challenge achieved a huge success in the MENA region. Therefore, this year the official launch of “The Africa IoT and Ai Challenge” was announced.

The IoT and AI Challenge is a capacity-building and pre-incubation program. This program will be given to students and entities that have innovative ideas regarding the sector of Internet of Things (IoT) or Artificial Intelligence. For example, the program will be for High School Students, Senior University Students, and Startups.

So, if you are working in this field, you are more than welcome to join this challenge.


When Was The Announcement?

During the closing ceremony of IEEE GCAIoT2020, The Africa IoT & AI Challenge was launched. The challenge is supported by IEEE TEMS organization and sponsored by Africa’s prominent Digital Transformation Group “Benya”

Since the challenge had huge support from WAKANDA Ventures and Benya, Eng. Ahmed El Beheiry who is the Founder of WAKANDAI Ventures, said: “WAKANDAI is committed to bringing IoT & Ai solutions & applications to the African communities. We are pleased to announce that the Africa IoT & Ai Challenge is supported by IEEE TEMS organization and the sponsorship of Africa’s prominent Digital Transformation Group “Benya”

While Eng. Ahmed Mekky who is the Chairman & CEO of Benya stated: “Benya Ventures, the dedicated investment fund, technology incubator & startup accelerator arm of Benya, is proud to be the sponsor of the Africa IoT & Ai Challenge. Benya is committed to enabling the digital transformation of African Nations and digitally uniting the MENA region.”


The Challenge Is More Than Just A Competition

The main goal of this challenge is to build qualified calibers in the technical field and to improve their technical skills. This will happen through training and workshops that the program presents to the participants. It will also provide them with the needed support to train them perfectly.

Participants will compete in the local finals after they complete their training. Each country’s winners will be qualified for the regional finals, which takes place within the IEEE Global Conference’s activities. This global conference will be about Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things (GCAIoT) and it will be held in Dubai in December.


IEEE Launched Arab IoT & Ai Challenge

IEEE TEMS had partnered with many regional and local partners in the MENA region to launch the Arab IoT & AI Challenge. These partners included the Academy of Scientific Research in Egypt and Oman, IEEE Sections in Morocco, Egypt, Jordan, and UAE, Telecommunication Ministries in Tunisia, Egypt, Palestine, Oman, and UAE.

Also, there were some innovative and tech companies that supported this challenge, like Ideaspace, Global Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Intel, Amazon, and Here.

The president of IEEE TEMS Andy Chen said: “In TEMS, we focus on people, and our collective tagline is “Leaders Enabling Products/Services for Good.”. Along with technology, we need exceptional talents for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which is important for creating socially impactful products and services. The IoT & Ai Challenge is designed to encourage young talents to take on the challenges that can create an impact on humanity, which is also the tagline of IEEE. We are not just organizing the challenge; we are also providing the youth with all the necessary knowledge and insights into the tech industry that’s happening through our “ IoT & Ai Knowledge Hub”.


This is a great opportunity for all the techies out there to develop their skills and to be experts. So, don’t miss the chance and join.

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