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Now @ Sarmady: Vodafone LBA

We are all part of a digital revolution, where smart-phone is rapidly growing by 35% per year. It is technology that has driven the capabilities of Vodafone (LBA) Location Based Advertising and has opened the door for marketers to use new advertising channels to position their brands in the market, and the service is already successfully working in Egypt now.

LBA is currently considered one of the most accurate real-time technologies used to pinpoint consumers’ location and provide location-specific advertisements at the right place and time, directly onto their mobile devices. LBA is also known to be an effective communication tool for the Retail Sector and Ground Activations of brands. It helps in reaching your desired audience in various situations; store openings, special promotions, clearances, product launches in malls and many other applications. Simply put, Location Based Advertising allows brands to adapt their marketing message based on where consumers are geographically located.

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