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Not in Russia? No Biggie! Vodafone IN’s got you covered with special WC package

World cup mania is ramping up as we weave through our WC matches, and Mohamed Salah finally makes it to the pitch. Egyptians from all over the world have converged in the “Motherland” to show off our national pride as the event of the year takes place.

It’s easy for many of us to feel left out as, all over social media, what seems to be half of the population are posting photos and videos of their time in Russia as they bring our brand of Egyptian cheerleading to the world stage.

Many of us have been saving for this moment since our match winning goal against Congo last year.

Many have been successful, evidenced by all the posts online and how overwhelming our cheers were during the Friday match against Uruguay, but many more have been unable to save enough for the trip.

Vodafone’s IN steps up to the World Cup arena

To help combat the sadness, Vodafone’s IN steps up to the field to relate with their young audience with another group that just wanted to see the national team play live through their campaign.

And of course, no campaign seems to be complete without their own version of the Egyptian cheerleading song.

Youth-favorite Alexandrian rock band, Massar Egbary, joins up with Vodafone’s IN to sing the anthem for those of us left behind.


The ad sees the band as they journey around Cairo to make as much money as possible to at least afford the plane tickets to Russia.

They battle crowds, both young and old, and work all hours, and all jobs, in their attempt.


Vodafone IN to find fill the gap

Vodafone IN was able to find a gap in the season’s segmentation, as no one else seems to have targeted young adults who have not been able to save for this significant event.

The campaign pushes that cheering from the sidelines is still a good way to encourage the team, and the new package helps to keep football fans in the loop and engaged in the conversation happening a continent away.

And it seems like the extra credit may be needed, as emotions intensify.

What are your thoughts, do you feel like everyone you know is in Russia? Let us know in the comments.

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