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North Korea between a Possible World War… And Egyptian JOKES !!!

World War three, will it really go there… that’s the ongoing question on the mind of most people across the globe.

Given the announcements by the young North Korean President (Kim Jong Un) and his clear threat to declare a nuclear war against the United States of America, This came after the December launch of a long-range rocket and a third nuclear test in February, Such news just got the whole world shocked and became the hottest topic on the scene on Social Media platforms …. But as always Egyptians had another say.

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Being different is type of our nature, so while the rest of the world was thinking of all the possible scenarios of a third war, Egyptians were keeping busy cracking jokes on the whole situation and the possible escalation of events. This was impressive as Egyptians had always been known for their great sense of humor even in the toughest situations. But such attitude raised a question that we had to discuss with our readers

Egyptian Comics on Social Media //

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So the debate now is: Do we make such jokes to make it easier for ourselves and be prepared for whatever might come next … or, did we come to the point that we are indifferent and we are just trying to find a mean to distract ourselves with bitter laughter’s to escape the ugly present we are currently living !!

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