North Edge towers brings the 365-Days Northern Coast experience

It’s finally summer, and with thousands of Egyptians finishing school, taking summer off and returning from Russia, beaches have become filled to the brink with swimsuits and splashing of water.

The beach is where we’d all like to be around now, as the summer heat quickly rises up, especially in some of the most pristine beaches such as those on the North Coast.

The North Coast is becoming synonymous with being an amazing summer getaway, with beautiful waters and a fantastic growing commercial community.

As more and more people rush to the North Coast due to its growing popularity, views and locations are become sparser. With prices rising and views declining as people rush to the seaside for the summer, it is getting harder and harder to enjoy the summer on the beach.

365 Days Of Northern Coast:

Sometimes we miss the sea-view in the middle of winter, or simply need a getaway to the sea that is available all year round.

Straying away from traditional portrait for the Northern Coast as summer destination, a new project is here to feature a revolutionary approach for the Egyptian Northern Coast as an integrated community not limited to summer season.

Brining life to Sahel 365 days a year, real estate developer City Edge Developments is launching the first and only ever residential sky-rise towers in new Alamein.

Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you… A landmark that will redefine the North Coast experience.

North Edge towers are developed to be the pioneering pillars of the New Alamein waterfront with a mission to begin life for the Egyptian Northern Coast by bringing together sun, sea, sand and complete aspects of lavish living by offering first and only residential towers in New Alamein City.

First and only towers in Sahel

As the first and only towers in Sahel, North Edge towers stand as landmarks that don’t close their doors across the four seasons, evolving perception of the North Coast experience.

North Edge towers

For the first time in Egypt, North Edge towers in New Alamein feature a breathtaking sea view and offer all the amenities you could possibly need! For more information and registration visit #CityEdgeDevelopments #NorthEdge #NewAlamein #ThisIsEgypt

Posted by City Edge Developments on Tuesday, June 19, 2018


City Edge’s North Edge Towers are being built to combat the loss of peace and views. There are 5 North Edge towers that are each 40 floors high. There are 1 bedroom to 4 bedrooms apartments.

With a towering glance, tower residents will be able to see all the way to the horizon without people or other obstacles in their way. And with residential apartments for sale, it also means that the North Coast won’t just be a summer getaway.


Who is behind North Edge towers?

North Edge New Alamein North Coast is the latest project by the Egyptian developer City Edge Developments.

A recent protocol agreement between City Edge Developments and the New Urban Communities Authority (NUCA) saw the developer claim a number of high profile projects to help with lagging real estate developments.

The projects include the development of residential projects in New Mansoura, as well as the Central Business District in the new administrative capital.

Read more about it here > City Edge Developments and the New Urban Communities Authority sign protocol agreement

Choose a variety of fully finished units (from 1 to 4 bedrooms), or ask questions about the project here.

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