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This would be the most delicious conversation on Twitter in 2014

For the second time in a row, We capture real-time engagement for McDonalds Egypt  Twitter account in less than a week after McDonald’s Egypt and Coca Cola Egypt Share the Love for Combo in Twitter Conversation, Funny and inspiring conversation started by NOLA Cupcakes using a limit of 140 characters involved co-creating a new product called #McNolaShake.

The best way to engage honestly with the marketplace via Twitter is to never use the words “engage,” “honestly,” or “marketplace.”- Jeffrey Zeldman

Since the first tweet was tweeted on March, 21, 2006, the infrastructure of Twitter social media website has not only changed the way the world communicates (frequently, and in short bursts), it has also changed the way customers interact with brands. We’ve witnessed here before very funny, conversations on Twitter like How to play online game with your competitor ? [Oreo Vs. KitKat] and on Facebook like Egyptian Sense of Humor Infects Bayern München Social Media

NOLA Cupcakes and McDonalds Egypt Co-Creates #McNolaShake on #Twitter
NOLA Cupcakes and McDonalds Egypt Co-Creates #McNolaShake on #Twitter


Yes, your eyes do not deceive you. NOLA Cupcakes and McDonalds Egypt Co-Created the new #McNolaShake which already sounds so delicious blend by tweeting on Social Media network and may be one of the two brands shed the light soon to come up with the new #McNolaShake !

The best part of the conversation when NOLA Cupcakes tweeted this:

NOLA Cupcakes and McDonalds Egypt on #Twitter
Now Coca Cola should feel jealous ?

The Digital Flirt//

This is one of the best conversation I have ever seen on Twitter, It pave the way for more ideas and escape the boring normal communication on Social Media like Twitter. Nola Cupcake team should be proud not just by the quality of cakes, but also the excellent digital brand reputation they have been developing.

Laila Sedky, CEO at NOLA Cupcakes told Think Marketing: It was completely unplanned and the reaction is great. As we have doubts about the previous Coke and McDonalds conversation, using the same tactic, The average few minutes intervals [note the response is 60 seconds in one of the tweets reply] we first thought its a planned tactic but Laila Sedky [NOLA Cupcakes owner] contacted us to clarify it was completely spontaneous.

Digital Republic Agency moderating Macdonald Egypt Twitter profile used to offer free Cupcakes from NOLA for every check in Digital Republic on Foursquare and may be the connection of the old friends being refreshed again in 2014 but this time on Twitter.

With more than half of Twitter users follow six or more brands. This offers businesses a unique opportunity to engage people on Twitter in real-time conversations. McDonalds Egypt’s conversation/s started getting noticed on Twitter and if you haven’t seen any of its recent tweets, you’re missing out the new engagement strategy which  successfully creating the buzz for McDonalds Egypt on Twitter, you are all awesome.

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