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NileFM celebrate Halloween with special “Creep” song and video!

That time of year has come again to see the NileFM team release yet another spectacular performance and production, in celebration of Halloween. This time it is Radiohead’s haunting classic “Creep”.

Watch NileFM’s “Creep” video here:

The song and video debuted this morning on NileFM on The Morning Show with Mark and Sally, during which the hosts discussed how that instead of doing another dance routine, they’d do a purely singing act this time around.

The song features the collective vocal effort of Mark, Sally, Zeinab, Mickey, Yara, Shoukry and Feedo who give the 1993 rock hit the gloriously haunting treatment it deserves.

Last year, NileFM released the hugely successful performance of “Thriller”, in which the presenters were all donning Zombie costumes and make-up, mimicking Micheal Jackson’s iconic video, but within the confines of the NileFM studios. The video was an instant viral hit on social media.

NileFM are no strangers to releasing fun and quirky videos celebrating different occasions. During the past couple of years they also released their own interpretations of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas”, Wham’s “Last Christmas”, in addition to many other viral videos including their contribution to the “Harlem Shake” trend, and most recently “PPAP”, which saw tens of thousands of views and massive digital reach.

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