Nile Air Go The Extra Mile For The Egyptian National Team Players

Jumping on the bandwagon is the first step of getting your brand on the spotlight, how you advertise the bandwagon is how you set yourself apart from the herd, how you be remembered after that new trend fades and another catchy trend emerges.

What you choose to present to your audience is what determines if you will resonate. The quality of your initiative and execution of your idea, how you use audience insights and deliver a clear, meaningful message is what you should be thinking of as a brand when you are trying to compete when there is a clutter of campaigns targeting the same audience.

As it turns out there is yet another brand that wants to be heard and seen. Nile Air, The Airline company sponsoring and in charge of transporting the Pharaohs (Egyptian National Football Team) to the Gabon for the CAN 2017 (Africa Cup of Nations) just released an advert, emphasizing how they gained the trust of the Trezeguet and the Egyptian national football team.

Nile Air advert in 15 hours was viewed by 56, 569 fan on Facebook, gained 2.1K reactions, shared only 807 times and 15,495 viewership on YouTube. Being an Egyptian national team sponsor and gaining such exclusivity, we would have thought that such benefits would be of much better use.

Nile Air Stand Out through controversy?

We have followed Pepsi’s campaign where they previewed the perspective of the Pharaohs going to AFCON 2017, and Coca Cola’s advert which changed our perspective of wearing our national’s team jersey, to name a few, then Nile Air showcased that if Mahmoud Hassan were to be traveling through any other airline, he probably won’t make it to the Gabon or the match to play.

Nile Air has released -what was supposed to be a humorous- advert of how they go the extra mile to all their customers to the point that they gained the trust of Mahmoud Hassan (AKA Trezeguet) to fully depend on them in getting him to the Gabon 2017 tournament into the stadium under any circumstances -even if he overslept- he knew that with Nile Air, he won’t miss his plane and that he will have everything prepared for him as well.

What kind of message does this convey to the national team supporters?

The left midfielder of Royal Excel Mouscron and Egyptian National Team player Mahmoud Hassan trusts his national carrier airline that he wouldn’t worry too much if he overslept!

So even when the under 20 -Africa Cup Winner, dreams- while wearing a squeaky slippers- that he might have overslept, as the airline staff would go to his home, offering extra ordinary service by trying to wake him up and when he seems to be sleeping, they carry him, iron his jersey, get him into the plane and then wake him to change and get to the stadium. Can you imagine this kind of trust and comfort?

Egyptians everywhere are hyped up at the idea that we are getting back to the AFCON 2017 in the Gabon and building high hopes for the World Cup in Russia 2018.

United once more under the red Pharaohs jersey after 7 long years, as you already get the gist of what football means to Egyptians by now and how it affects us, then why associate such source of hope and gaiety with negative message ?

On the other hand, the Egyptian people don’t need any ideas to make fun or point the blame in the most hilarious way possible. However, by this ad, Nile Air gave people ammunition against any player of the national team if they disappoint them in any way, we can just see the jokes’ message from now.

Advert Credits:

Client: Nile Air
Agency and Production House: Cairo Film Production
Executive Producer: Wesam Seif Elislam
Director: Nader EL-Nakoury
DOP: Taimour Taimour
Marketing Director : Samer Hosny
Creative Director : Ahmed Hosny
Creative Designer : Ola Amin
Media: Miret Abouzekri
Mahmoud Ahmed Fadl
Producers : Dina Magdy, Nancy Hany, Randa El Safty, Sherok Abdou
Producer : Mahmoud Crunchey
Accounting manager : Amr Badawy
1st Assistant Director : Mohamed Allam El-Shorafa
2nd Assistant Director : Mounir
Head of Production : Islam Hamza
Production Manager: Amr Gafaar
Art Director: Amr SaLeh
Stylist: Rafaa Elewaly
Sound Engineer: Sameh Gamal
Starring: Mahmoud Hassan
Grip: Sherif fathy
Photography: Khaled Fadda
Graphics & Visual Effects: Mercury Visual Solutions
Post Production: LZRD
Color Grading: Karim Mira
Editor: Amr Rabee
Post Producer: Omnia
Sound Design : Sary Hany
Mix: Hosny Ali
VO: Amr Rabee
Casting : Mohy

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