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NESCAFÉ Connecting Old Friends Over a Cup of Coffee

As we go through nowadays busy life we meet many people, join new work, make new friends and eventually taking our old friends for granted and forgetting them.

NESCAFÉ decided to start an initiative using digital media to reconnect old friends and bring back old times, refreshing memories to recall the fun days they used to spend together.

NESCAFÉ First Tag Campaign//

We feel blessed by having old friendship memories though out our different life stages, but our childhood memories is the most precious ones. When we decide to reconnect with old friends, we don’t know how to get back to them or even what to say to them!

By scrolling down your Facebook news feed searching for the first tag from your Facebook friend list, You will get to know which friend first ever tagged you on Facebook, The First Tag approach used by Nescafe to find out and catch up with your old childhood friends.

Facts and Figures [So Far]

Nescafe fans really miss the good atmosphere when meeting friends and chatting over a cup of coffee. As Nescafe promised five series of the campaign, so far 2 versions released by Alaa EL Kheikh and Amina Khalil.

  • Great amount of fans connecting with their friends.
  • Nescafe campaign teaser video attracted 1.3M views which indicates.
  • Alaa EL Kheikh copy attracted 2.3M viewers.
  • Amina Khalil copy 1 Million views in just 24h.
  • Total number of interactions in 10 days from launch:
    • Likes: 84,357
    • Comments: 4,379
    • Shares: 6,154

أول تاج مع نسكافيه – علاء الشيخ “المواطن المصري”اتفرجوا على المواطن المصري “علاء الشيخ” لما رجع قابل صحاب زمان و ارجعوا أنتم كمان لأول تاج و شوفوا صحابكم فين؟ #ابتديها

Posted by NESCAFÉ on Monday, December 14, 2015

أول تاج مع نسكافيه – أمينة خليلاتفرجوا على أمينة خليل و صديق الطفولة عمر لما اتقابلوا بعد كل السنين دي و ارجعوا لأول تاج أنتم كمان و شوفوا صحابكم فين #ابتديها

Posted by NESCAFÉ on Sunday, December 20, 2015


Nescafe gave us an idea how to get back to your friends, what exactly to say to them and how to win them over again. Now, its your turn to contact an old friend, try calling them or meet up with them over a cup of coffee rather than through e-mail or text messages.

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