Needing Experience For A Job and Needing A Job For Experience: Here’s What To Do

Over the years, we have seen many fresh graduates or career shifters complain about one thing, which is how to get a job! Most of the companies these days when they want to hire someone, they ask for a candidate with experience; this is what triggers fresh graduates and those who want to start over.

It was expressed many times before on social media that this is a real problem that people face; some people even expressed their feelings through humor by creating memes regarding this matter.

So, if you’re wondering why people are annoyed by companies asking for experienced employees, we will tell you.


Endless Loop

People expressed the process of gaining experience to get a job as an endless loop!

If we were to sum up the problem, it would be the following, if you need a job, you need to be experienced, and if you want to be experienced, you need a job!

Many people have expressed their anger when they get rejected from a job vacancy because the company is looking for ‘experience’; they ask one question, which is “How to gain experience when companies won’t hire?”

This is a serious question that at some point we all asked! If you’re passionate about a certain field, then you probably had difficulties finding a vacancy; especially if you didn’t have the proper experience.

This problem is not faced by just fresh graduates or career shifters; in fact, people with a year or less than a year of experience, go through the same struggle.


What You Can Do

If you already decided what you want to do for a living, then start early.

This problem can be solved by some research that you can do. If you want proper experience before applying for a job, then try searching for courses or internships; you have to have a base when you start your career.

In fact, social media is one of the best places to find the opportunity; you can search for groups that dedicated to your desired field and ask for help. Also, Facebook groups have proved that it can be a tool to help people find jobs, internships, courses, and so on.



What Companies Can Offer

Companies can actually be a major help in solving this problem.

Not all companies seek people with experience; some actually want to help people who have potentials. So, if you own a company, you don’t have to only hire people with experience, you can choose those who have potentials. Also, you can provide internships to prepare future employees for what they will deal with in the future.

Invest in people, because they will be the ones who build up and improve the company.


In the end, both parties have to cooperate to create opportunities.

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