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Narrative Summit: CC Plus announces Partnership with The American University in Cairo

CC Plus, the multi-disciplinary communications consulting agency, announced that the first and ultimate PR and media forum in Egypt, under the name Narrative Summit, which will be taking place on the 28th of September, will be in partnership with the American University of Cairo, school of Business Administration.

CC Plus Managing Director, Lamia Kamel confirmed that the partnership with a renowned entity, such as the AUC, is fundamental for its prowess and expertise in the field of public relations and media. This is meant to enrich the experience and overall impact. The Summit, she added, is intended to be a quantum leap in the media and public relations’ role in Egypt, in the shadow of the strong and active participation of various local and global organizations.

How to attend Nattarive PR Summit
How to attend Nattarive PR Summit

Kamel emphasized that the Narrative PR Summit comes about at a crucial stage of Egypt’s history, where PR and media role appears to improve Egypt’s branding before the world public opinion and thwart any external failing attempts. Out of this vision, the first public relations and media forum occurs, which seeks building a media strategy for delivering the State, public and private organizations’ messages to the public without facts falsification.

“It is essential for any organization, whether governmental or non-governmental, to promote and market its policies. This, of course, needs qualified official individuals and spokespersons capable of performing these tasks, convincing their addressees of their policies and building bridges of trust between the public and government system,” Lamia Kamel noted.

Worth mentioning that Narrative Summit 2016, powered by CC Plus, takes place on the 28th of September at The Four Seasons Hotel Nile Plaza with the attendance of government officials, the business community and international press.

For registration visit Narrative Summit 2016 website or get your ticket via Eventtus

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