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Narrative PR Summit 2016: Are they really in one room!

Are all those line up of speakers coming from all walks of life- from the US, the UK, Dubai to attend Narrative PR Summit September 28th at the Four Seasons at 9 am? Yes they are,  but they are also not alone. There is another amazing line up of attendees who can’t wait to hear great stories. We will take you through the crowd…

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As you walk in, you will realize that Vodafone and Capital Group Properties; the leading Emirati real estate company venturing into Egypt with Al Borouj (you may have seen their outdoors)  are both sponsors. The room will be flooding with their senior representatives. Those people believe in Narrative and won’t spare a moment without watching the glow.

As you walk more you will bump into the Country Manager of Nestle Food, the GM of Pepsico,  Redbull and Toyota! You may want to say hello! To answer your question, yes you do need the energy and yes you need to have your business cards ready.

Upon registration , you will stride to  the corridor of fame- yes there’s a corridor  of fame- you will run into regional directors from Ericsson, Abbvie , Savola, Reliance and more.  Uh not yet, Orange Egypt chairman- who is also a speaker and the company’s communications team are standing infront of the gate , you may want to pause and wave.  There is more, Google & Baidu the Chinese origin search engine reps are so excited to meet you all and you should not let them down.

Right around the corner, there is a lovely group of real estate savvies having coffee, are they launching a new project? The teams of Mountain view and PI parks (Ahmed Sewedy’s team) are engaging in a fun discussion about what’s next ?  A compound where fish can fly and birds can swim? Maybe! Oh wait.. is this In shape?  They are giving out something, are these vouchers for to their health heaven?

If you look carefully, you will see reps from Juhayna, Huwawei, Barclay’s bank, HSBS and many more.. If you are a PR guru, don’t miss out on all the PR firms collaborating to make this event a success, take a photo with CC Plus, Rada, FourPR, Publicist and Editor teams.  It’s a PR summit afterall.

Going back to the title, are they really in 1 room? Sure! How can they miss such a tough crowd. It does take a special someone to come to Narrative, the better question is are you that special?

For registration visit Narrative Summit 2016 website or get your ticket via Eventtus

For more updates about Narrative Summit, check the event’s page here!

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