EgyptEngagement Strategy launch a competition for information sharing crowdsourcing

Nafham is a free K-12 online education platform, we provide 5-15 min. video lessons covering Egyptian, Saudi, Algerian and Syrian curricula, Nafham is free and dedicated to all students from primary to secondary stage.

While Egyptian youth getting busy recording and sharing Dubsmash videos. educational video platform started a brilliant competition that capitalize on the video sharing concept but using information !

The contest is opened to students to record a one min. video to win a mobile phone. The competition urges every participant to search and record an information not necessary about school curriculum.

For competition, a pointing system have been developed to evaluate the participants videos by five factors start by understanding the presented info and ends by subscribing to Nefham YouTube channel through the video.

We highly recommend to watch the video below and then visit Nefham One Minute Competition Page

Nafham is a free online K-12 educational video platform linked to the mandated public curriculum. Nafham provides 5 to 20 minutes crowd sourced videos which are revised by professionals. Videos are explaining concepts usually taken in class using different approaches, making it easier for students to understand them.

These videos are categorized by grade, subject, term and academic schedule which make the curriculum easier for students to navigate through it and get the lessons they want in seconds.

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