MyFawry Advert: The App That Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

Digital platforms and applications have become an essential part of our life! There are many emerging digital solutions these days that make life a lot easier than before. With the huge number of applications that provide many digital solutions, there is always a certain one that stands out, this application is MyFawry.

MyFawry has been providing many solutions to people over the past years; you can literally pay most of your bills through it.

As usual, we’re always searching and paying attention to new adverts, and since we’re in 2022, we’re keeping an eye on each brand’s new adverts and we have spotted one. Fawry has launched a new campaign to promote MyFawry and we are very impressed.

Let’s dig deeper into the campaign and the application.


MyFawry: Easier Than Ease

This is the first high production campaign that is done for the MyFawry application.

On the 13th of January, Fawry has launched its brand new campaign and advert under the name of “Easier Than Ease” or “أسهل من السهولة”.

The advert shows two different scenarios of how a man’s day goes at the government offices to pay his bills and how it goes when he uses Myfawry. The main goal of the campaign is to show the viewer how the application MyFawry can make life easier and save time and energy; instead of going and facing the hassle of paying bills and preparing certain papers, you can simply do everything with a small click!

The advert shows what life is like with and without using MyFawry.


Delivering The Easy Use of MyFawry In A Simple Yet Creative Way

People who still don’t use digital platforms know the true struggle of going to governmental entities.

This is what makes the advert so relatable, either because this is what people went through or still going through, which is a factor that made the advert succeed. People can relate to the advert and by watching it, there will be many people who will start using MyFawry to avoid all of this exhaustion.

In fact, we think that the advert succeeded in delivering the message in the most accurate way and it achieved two important things, it reached its target audience and reached its potential customers who will be downloading the application right after watching this advert.


What MyFawry Mobile App Provides

The application is easy to use and as we mentioned, it saves you time and energy.

MyFawry allows you to pay electricity, water, gas bills; also you can recharge and pay phone bills for all telecom companies, and not just that, you can pay club and syndicates subscriptions and more than 500 services.

The application knows how to always keep its customers satisfied as it always adds new features and daily offers on a variety of places; it also offers plus gift card features.


We are excited and curious to see what other campaigns and adverts MyFawry will launch as it nailed this very first one.

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