Myers Briggs Personality Types At Work: Which One Are You? [Part 2]

Following our article on Myers-Briggs personality types, we have listed 8 types of personality at work.

Today we are bringing you part 2 of the article. So, by now you should have taken the test and found out your personality type.

So, here are the other 8.


Find Out Your Personality Type Myers Briggs Personality Types At Work: Which One Are You? [Part 1]


INFP (Introversion Intuition Feeling Perceiving)

INFP employees are introverted and highly creative.

They care more and depend on what they feel due to their intuitive and feeling characteristics. They tend to work in a place where they can be creative without being tied to strict rules. They usually do well in jobs that include addressing long-term approaches and providing small tasks to others.


INFJ (Introversion Intuition Feeling Judging)

Employees who are INFJ have the ability to form bonds easily due to their ability to read situations and relate to others using their own experience.

This is why they can work in positions such as human resources or counseling as they have the ability to work well with other people as they know how to help them fit into an extensive framework.

INFJ individuals tend to work in places with guidelines as it can enable them to learn new ideas and train people.


INTP (Introversion Intuition Thinking Perceiving)

INTP employees prefer depending on logic yet they seek creative solutions to complete their tasks or to make a decision.

They prefer working in places where they are provided with the freedom to be creative to find unique and new approaches and solutions; they also tend to work with less supervision. They’re also great team players and can thrive in brainstorming jobs.


INTJ (Introversion Intuition Thinking Judging)

Employees who are who an INTJ type of personality tend to mix logic and creativity together when it comes to strategic planning. INTJ individuals prefer working according to a well-structured plan. They also have the talent to lead a team, therefore, they can take jobs in project management as they are able to lead a team.


ISFP (Introversion Sensing Feeling Perceiving)

Although ISFP employees work best individually, they are easy to get along with and also have great communication skills.

They also work best as individuals, this is why they prefer jobs that include creativity. ISFP individuals prefer to make their decisions based on personal experience yet they depend more on their initial reactions.


ISFJ (Introversion Sensing Feeling Judging)

ISFJ individuals have a deep understanding of their emotions and this is why they have the ability to empathize with others around them.

ISFJ individuals can work in service-providing companies or in the health care field as they work well under strict guidelines and within the workplace, they will be seeking analytical and support positions.


ISTJ (Introversion Sensing Thinking Judging)

ISTJ employees are the best when it comes to job roles that require organization, they are also effective employees as they combine structure and logic with introspective thought and firm adherence.

As we mentioned, the best jobs for ISTJ are the ones that require organization like accounting and administrative jobs; they also can work well without supervision.

ISTJ employees love learning, which is why they have different skills; this makes them able to accept new challenges and responsibilities.


ISTP (Introversion Sensing Thinking Perceiving)

ISTP individuals are similar to ISTJ ones; they prefer jobs where they can work independently as they can take roles where they are proactive with solutions.

They don’t prefer being bound to a structure in their daily life and when it comes to working, they prefer practical fields like design and artisan construction. This type has a commitment to learning and introspective stufy7, which is useful for developing skills. Also, the ability to react at the moment and operate outside of the constructs leads to providing a creative intuition to create something unique.


So, after the two parts, which Myers-Briggs personality types are you?

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