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Muslim search engine that can filter haram content

new search engine designed to censor any material that does not conform to Islamic Sharia law, was launched earlier this month. Halalgoogling is an Islamic internet search engine aimed at Muslim users. It provides results which are halal, and tries to filter out pages which are considered haram according to Sharia law. It collects results from other search engines like Google and Bing and presents the halal results to its users.

The filtering system excludes haram, or forbidden, sites and content from the search results, including pornography, nudity, gambling and anti-Islamic content. Halalgoogling shows international search results as well, and the service is offered in many languages, including Arabic, English, Turkish, Italian and French.

“There still might be content that needs to be filtered. The web contains millions of web sites that need to be checked and filtered, but with God (Allah SWT)’s help and yours, we can achieve this goal,” the blog read, asking its users to report any haram content.

The website has also announced that 10% of its yearly profits will be donated to help the Muslim community and sponsor children that need help. This is not the first search engine based on a religious faith; ChristianGo and Jewogle are other faith-based services. Islamic search engine ImHalal was launched in 2009 but had to close due to lack of funding.

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