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Mountain View X Mohamed Salah: A Campaign Tackling A Global Issue [Case Study]

Mountain View has proven to be a very successful real estate brand over the years and we have been able to witness how it was able to change and develop to be more than just a real estate brand. Mountain View has not only cared for its employees but also cared for its clients as it is always seeking to provide solutions to live in a safe comfortable environment and reach happiness.

The last month, Mountain View has launched a campaign that tackles an important global problem that we are all going through, which is being stuck in our own bubble. The campaign was extremely successful and went viral the moment it was launched because it wanted to create a global movement.


Mountain View Campaign Tackling A Global Issue

Every brand has a purpose of playing a vital role in the community and Mountain View has been playing this role for multiple years now.

As much as technology helped transform our lives, it can nearly destroy them if we don’t know how to use it properly.

Over the years and with the evolution of technology, we have seen people slowly get into their own bubble and isolate themselves from the rest of the world. This issue didn’t just include adults, but also the new generation of teenagers and kids as they have also started disconnecting themselves from the others. Mountain View wanted to take a stand against this serious global problem and raise awareness.

In response to this issue, Mountain View wanted to create a global movement by launching a campaign to promote bursting your own bubble by reviving human communication once again and living bubble-free.


Bursting People’s Bubbles

On May 25th of this year, Mountain View launched a campaign shedding light on how technology consumed us and made us create our own world to live in. This was the second successful campaign for Mountain View right after its Ramadan campaign “Ahla View”.

The prominent real estate brand collaborated with the Egyptian King Mo Salah to launch this campaign with the tagline “Happiness Is A Choice, Choose to Be Bubble Free”. The brand and Salah presented us with a copy with an artistic concept representing how people are living in their own bubble.

The idea of the campaign made everyone relate to it since we all spend most of our day using our phones or laptops and this is what the advert is shedding light on, the fact that everyone including kids nowadays is consuming all of their energy and time gaming and using social media.

One of the things that we can learn from this campaign about Mountain View is that it encourages engagement and human interaction.


How Mountain View Is Revolting To Initiate A Global Movement

Mountain View’s campaign is more than just a campaign with an advert.

The real estate brand is depending on a game-changing approach to inspire people to build better communities. To live in a healthy successful community filled with happiness, people have to communicate; this is why Mountain View is urging everyone to burst their bubbles.

The advert tackled this worldwide issue using insights based on real-life events; insights give depth and authenticity to any campaign and it has achieved this with Mountain View’s advert. This is why the campaign’s goal is to create a global movement as it is built on a concept driven by reality and can inspire people toward a real change.


Mo Salah: A True Source of Inspiration

Mohamed Salah is known to inspire people and has set himself to be an example of how to be persistent, successful, and how to lead a balanced life between family, work, and social life.

This is why he was the perfect collaboration in this campaign. Mountain View chose Salah as they both share the same values of spreading meaningful happiness, also, MV and Salah push beyond their limits to be the best version of themselves, and both stand for family.


A Strategy To Inspire Others to Burst Their Bubbles

When the campaign was launched, many people participated and showed how they were encouraged to start living bubble-free.

Many influences and public figures like actresses Mayan El-Sayed, Yasmina Elabd, actor Nour ElNabawy, social media influencers Mazen Yassen, Amr Nsouhy, and many others. They all have uploaded videos of themselves bursting bubbles and then showing themselves having fun with their friends to increase human interaction and to encourage others to get enjoy life more.



Let The Numbers Talk

Reaching millions of views was something definite for Mountain View.

The advert has reached over 18 million views on Facebook with over 17K shares, 105K reactions, and 3.3K comments. As for YouTube, the advert also has over 1 million views.


The Effective Partnership with NOMADS and Gezira Club

Mountain View had a special partner to promote the bubble-free movement.

Mountain View partnered with “NOMADS” and on the 10 of June, they announced a contest for people to show how they can live a bubble-free life. By following some simple steps by uploading an Instagram reel to join the bubble-free movement, 4 friends can win a trip to Greece.

While it seems like just a competition, it is in fact, a long-term collaboration as Mountain View is sponsoring NOMADS for a year to support the bubble-free movement to grow and rise.

The NOMADS is the biggest bubble-free community; even though it is digital-based, it is utilizing technology to connect people, motivate them, and encourage them to increase their human interaction by sharing memories, and knowledge, supporting each other and going on adventures together.

This partnership marks the first collaboration between the two companies to empower the bubble-free communities.

To activate the concept of living bubble-free, the real estate brand also collaborated with Al-Gezira Sporting Club and Wellspring to organize a fun day event on the 17 of June with a family theme and it is focusing on group activities that consist of a run around the grand running track at the heart of the club and stations created by Mountain View for the families to play games and overcome challenges in the middle of their run.

The event included banners and flags at the club, Mountain View stations, rewards for the families from Mountain View and families who are the most engaging and collaborative, and the grand prize is winning a trip to Paris with an exclusive Disney tour.

This event’s goal is to create more bubble-free moments and to prove that happiness comes from going out and interacting with people.

Mountain View is also extending this move externally not just in its compounds.


Mountain View’s Efforts to Strengthen Family Bond

Mountain View has done a lot of on-ground efforts under the name of “Reasons to Believe”; these efforts included providing programs and workshops that benefit children and their families.

Mountain View has created YDP program where children are taught how to start a business and create a product.

The program provides sessions about business and marketing, the ability to choose the business they want, and workshops to practice the product-making cycle, finalize the product and sell it to the compound residents. This will teach the children a sense of ownership and responsibility and develop their communication skills.

Wonderville Program:

Wonderville includes workshops, camps, a private sports beach, handcraft, and music.

The program provides a full experience to the whole family by offering a variety of workshops and camps that are related to youth. These types of programs are dedicated mainly to kids to enable them how to follow their passion and run a business.

Wonderville also has many benefits for the whole family as it will enable them to spend some quality time with each other and it will also offer them bubble-free activities in North Coast that will enable them to learn more skills.

The hub will provide the adults with their own special time to get special treatments and opportunities to self-heal.

The Cultural Program:

In the cultural program, people will have a chance to be invited and educated about the history of the country and culture, and they will be provided with trips to Al-Faiyum and Batn Al-Baqar and the program will teach them about pottery making and its industry.

The Happiness Concept:

Mountain View wants people to be happier, this is why it partnered with DH Globe and this partnership enabled it to understand and deliver happiness through the designs and culture. It’s worth mentioning that Mountain View is the only developer that partnered with DH Globe.

Also, Mountain View provides AUC venture lab that supports start-ups.


Mountain View has developed itself over the years and we can see how it transformed into a huge brand that cares about delivering happiness not just real estate projects.

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