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Mostafa Hegazy Press Conference Effect From TV to Social Media

A new political star was born in Presidential press conference held in Egypt 17th of August afternoon. Presidential political adviser Dr. Mostafa Hegazy confidence reflected in strong political message sent to Egyptian people and western government made him the man of the hour and instantly Hegazy’s name obviously grow brighter and become one of the most mentioned names on Social Media in Egypt.

Mostafa Hegazy: Egypt is not a weak state. From Facebook to Twitter everyone started asking about Mostafa Hegazy who descried to be Egypt’s hottest new spokesperson, allot of searches made seeking for the history of the political strategist and former professor at the University of South California exploring his bio and more information, A hashtag [#MostafaHegazy] created on Twitter, his two years old TEDx talk An Elephant In The Box witnessed a massive traffic and finally new Facebook pages created asking to nominate him to be the next president of Egypt.

Social Media Facts and Figures //

Mostafa Hegazy mentions on Twitter
Mostafa Hegazy mentions on Twitter


Mostafa Hegazy Fans Growth on facebook
Mostafa Hegazy Fans Growth on Facebook
[13118 new fans in 24hrs]
Mostafa Hegazy Followers Growth on Twitter
Mostafa Hegazy Followers Growth on Twitter
[5348 new followers in 24hrs]

I think Mohammed El Baradi and Amr Hamzawy feels jealous now and this numbers is strong indicator that The Army spokes person have a strong competitor now as allot of Egyptian ladies are falling in love with the Presidential political adviser plus it seems like he got more attention than the new album of Amr Diab as the Egyptians recently replaced the pop and football stars with political figures !

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