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Most Anticipated For Ramadan 2022: Brands’ Campaigns We Can’t Wait To See

We are a few days away from welcoming the holy month of Ramadan and we couldn’t be more excited.

Ramadan is a huge opportunity for brands to bring out the best ideas and be as creative as they can be. This is why every Ramadan, we always keep an eye on the newly launched campaigns and check which one is a hit and which one is a complete miss! We also love to track how brands are reaching their target audience and how their campaigns were planned.

Since every Ramadan, brands surprise us with very impressive campaigns that go viral, here are the ones we’re excited to see what they’re preparing for Ramadan.


The Telecom Companies:


Last year, Vodafone surprised us when they collaborated with the icon Sherihan; we wonder what the brand has in its pockets this year.

Last year’s campaign grabbed the attention of millions of Egyptians especially since they didn’t expect to see the legendary Sherihan back on the screen again. There was a lot of positive feedback that gave Sheriahn a warm welcome and praised Vodafone for bringing her back.



We wonder if Orange will collaborate again with the singer Hussein Al-Jasmi.

Orange and Hussein Al-Jasmi have been our favorite duo every Ramadan and both always create the best jingle-based adverts that always go viral!



Last year we witnessed a very unique collaboration between Etisalat and the singer Nancy Ajram with Amir Karara; so what they will surprise us with this Ramadan.

Last year’s advert was very creative and different; we expect that Etisalat will impress us this year as well.


We Telecom

Do you think We will collaborate with another legend this year?

Last year, the brand collaborated with the late legend Samir Ghanem and his daughter, the actress Amy Samir Ghanem and presented a humorous advert; so we can’t wait to see what the brand will be presenting this year.


Real Estate Sector:

Mountain View

Mountain View launched an advert that achieved huge success.

The brand collaborated with the singer Hussein Al-Jasmi and created a jingle-based advert that everyone fell in love with its song. The advert’s jingle was used in every Instagram story and it was one of the most viral jingles ever!

This is why we can’t wait to see how Mountain View will top last year’s success.



Last year, Badya collaborated with El Hadaba Amr Diab and the song was number one on Anghami.

We wonder if the brand will do another collaboration with Amr Diab or they will bring a different idea to the table.



Meryam Fares and Asser Yassin! As much as the collaboration with Meryam Fares caused some controversy, the advert still went viral.

The advert’s jingle was so popular that everyone is still playing it at weddings and parties till this very day.

We wonder what is the brand’s next collaboration.



After last year’s huge celebrity collaboration, we can’t wait to see what ZED will do this Ramadan.

ZED collaborated with many celebrities like Karim Abdelaziz, Nelly Karim, Tara Emad, Hazem Imam, Mido, Sherin Reda, and many more to present Zed in Al-Sheikh Zayed and in Fifth Settlement.


Bank Sector:

Banque Misr

Every Ramadan, we always look forward to seeing Banque Misr’s advert.

The bank always gives us an amazing song every year and we can’t help but admire it. The only thing we are wondering about is if the brank will collaborate with a new singer or we will be seeing the same ones we’re used to seeing and hearing.


Egypt Post

Last year, Egypt Post collaborated with the superstar Mohamed Hamaki and created a jingle-based advert.


This year we have seen a glimpse of whom the brand will be collaborating with and it is a huge surprise. Yesterday we came across a post from the icon Amr Diab that has an envelope written on it “El Ser” or “The Secret” and Egypt Post was mentioned.

So, we guess it is pretty obvious we will be seeing a huge collaboration; we can’t wait for it.


Food and Beverage Sector


Ramadan is the time for a perfect Coca-Cola advert.

Coca-Cola is one of the brands that we can’t wait to see what it is bringing every Ramadan as it always releases emotional adverts.



Pepsi didn’t release any advert last Ramadan, so we wonder if it will be launching a campaign this month. Yet, we cannot forget Pepsi Nostalgic trilogy..



Etoile is one of the brands that has an advert that was once a hit and then a complete miss!

We wonder how Etoile will race among all of these huge brands this Ramadan.


Home Appliances:


Who could be a better collaboration than Ruby and Dina Al-Sherbni?

Last year’s campaign was one of the best as its jingle-based advert went extremely viral and everyone expressed how they were hooked on the jingle.

So, how Fresh will be topping last year’s success?


Union Air

After Sherin’s warm voice and the emotional advert, what could possibly be next?

Union Air’s advert was also one of the most successful adverts that achieved one-of-a-kind virality with its song and the idea behind it. The advert was everywhere all over social media and people posted many snippets from it all the time.


In the end, what is your most anticipated campaign?

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