CAMPAIGNS and Misr El Kheir teams up to develop cause marketing campaign teams up with non-profit Misr El Kheir to help women escape debt once and for all through a brand-new photography package. They have launched an exclusive professional portrait package in time for Mother’s Day, to help grant women freedom from crippling debt., an online platform that brings photographers and clients together, steps up for this year’s Mother’s Day with help of NGO Misr El Kheir.

Throughout the month of March, has been partnering with the NGO, as well as with 20 celebrities and social media influencers, to support women who have been jailed due to debt.

Expanding Misr El Kheir’s Gharmeen Redemption program, the new package will grant the opportunity for mothers who have been jailed to reunite with their families, granting them their freedom through the package’s proceeds.

The exclusive portrait package allows women to order a personal portrait session, of which the proceeds will go to the redemption program and be pampered like superstars.

The superstar treatment will be curtesy of the London Makeup Institute and celebrity hair salon Chez Richard, with local celebrity photographers taking majestic photographs to celebrate people’s charity.

In honor of the charity, has also created an exclusive pin to signify their support of women.

Employing the women’ symbol, the pin includes a set of wings as a symbol that women should be freed, just as the goal of the campaign is to free them.


The campaign includes 20 female influencers and celebrities, bringing their influence to the campaign with a combined over 2.5 million followers.

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