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Moroccan Singer Saad Lamjarred’s ‘Lma3allem’ Breaks YouTube Record

Combining dub-step electronic beats with traditional Arabic tunes, Over 31 million views in one month. That’s an all-time record for an Arabic music video on YouTube in such a short time, according to news site Bitajarod.

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In one week Saad Lamjarred’s ‘Lma3allem’ got 9 millions views and still counting till today to have more than 38.8 M views.

Now, if you haven’t listened to the song, Put your headphones on and enjoy

Lamjarred stepped into the limelight back in 2007, appearing on the popular Arab TV show “Super Star.” His career took off with a nomination for an MTV Europe Music Award in 2014, as well as winning Best Arabic Song at the Lebanese Murex d’Or awards.


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