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Mohamed Salah kicks off Vodafone Egypt’s branding campaign 2018

Vodafone may believe that it is too early for a full on dedicated World Cup campaign, but it is the optimum time for activating their partnership with the best player in Africa.

Mohamed Salah finally appears in his first ad since the Vodafone and Salah partnership began, bringing all the adoration that follows him into an emotional and powerful ad.

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Mohamed Salah continues to flourish in his new role as a budding global icon, and has since become the face and image of what the Middle East can be.

Over the course of the last year or so, he has not only shattered every expectation that Liverpool fans had of him, but has also captured the hearts of his home nation and the entire Arab world. He has become the icon that many hold dear to their hearts in a short amount of time.

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Just like Mo Salah, Vodafone is a star of its own. The international telecommunications company has operations in over 30 countries, including Ghana, South Africa and Egypt. With over 439 million subscribers, it is the second largest network in the world, only second to China’s leading telecom, China Mobile.

Mohamed Salah is READY!

It would have been tempting to believe that because the Egyptian winger was cast aside by Chelsea so quickly, that the Premier League was not the best platform for him.

Once upon a time, it was tempting to believe that just because the Egyptian winger was cast aside by Chelsea so quickly, that the the Premier League was not the best platform for the player. It would soon be clear to see that Salah felt that he had some “unfinished business” with the Premier League. Statistically, Mohamed Salah is now primed to seize the Premier League Golden Boot from Harry Kane, who has held it for 2 years since 2015, following the Tottenham stricker’s worrying injury.

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Despite having not played for either of Egypt’s biggest football clubs, Al-Ahly or Zamalek, Salah has become and remains a uniting force for all of Egypt through his impressive play style, scoring ability, and as a vision of hope for many Egyptians. He’s done everything he can for the Egyptian National team, but continues with the same burning ambition, to improve even more.

اللي جاي أقوى…جاهز؟Mohamed Salah

Posted by Vodafone Egypt on Wednesday, December 20, 2017


The 25-year old Liverpool winger has been signed up as a Vodafone ambassador for a while now, but has not visited Egypt during his tenure. Vodafone’s newest ad features Mohamed Salah, as a ray of hope and love for an entire nation. Since his jump into the public’s hearts, he has become an idol, an icon, a family member and a son to many Egyptians, and Vodafone’s newest ad touches on these feelings.

The advert was entirely filmed in London, as part of the Vodafone deal that was signed in the UK several weeks ago.

A family the size of a nation

The ad’s slow and paced music works well with the narration, building up to an strong and powerful message.

The script focuses on Salah’s powerful stance in the country. He has come to carry an entire country’s hopes on his shoulders and to inspire other growing athletes. He has become an important figure in the country, and the ad shows his presence through the appearance of his photos and name in different locations and situations.

To many, Mo Salah has become family, making him the son or brother of almost every Egyptian. The ad reaches deep down the emotional rabbit hole, grabbing spirits and lifting them with their final and strong message, that he has helped us believe that if we stand together and work hard, we’ll be stronger than anything in our way.

This is also the first ever appearance of another Salah, Makka Salah. The adorable young daughter of Africa’s biggest player makes her first appearance on TV alongside her father in this ad, and is even seen holding a trophy that holds a similarity to the FIFA World Cup.

Overall, Vodafone’s ad is a touching, memorable and strong message by Vodafone. It is also worth mentioning that the ad does not come with any offers, or call to action, and is a purely brand-focused advertisement. Vodafone’s choice in simply focusing on their new ambassador is a smart one, as trying to engulf the fire that Salah brings to the table would simply be a bad choice which may have led to negative reactions.

So far, people are in love with the ad and its pure and strong focus on the Liverpool player that is changing the Football scene.


Relevant Tweets:

A few days ago, the reason for Salah’s visit to the chippy was due to commercial factors as it is believed he was filming part of Vodafone Egypt advert.

A few days ago, Salah was seen visiting a local “chippy,” a fish and chips shop. At the time, although it was clear that he was filming for an advert, it was not confirmed if he was filming for a part of the Vodafone Egypt ad.

Salah was also spotted in a couple of other locations in London during the shooting of the latest advert.


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