Mohamed Ramadan: Still #1 brand’s choice?

In the past couple of weeks, we witnessed the on-going enmity between the actor Mohamed Ramadan and the suspended Pilot Ashraf Abou Al-Yosr. As it was mentioned all over the news, the actor did not want to pay the pilot an amount of compensation money worth 9 million EGP even though he was the reason behind his suspension.

Both of the parties kept posting videos about each other until Ramadan decided to post a video mocking the pilot, this is when all hell broke loose. A huge number of people attacked Mohamed Ramadan for his behavior including the media, actors and TV presenters.

Hashtag To Boycott Mohamed Ramadan

This is when the trending hashtag came out asking people to boycott Mohamed Ramadan and all his work. The Hashtag went viral as a lot of people were using it. Ramadan came replying to this trending hashtag by posting a video of him being celebrated by his fans in the street.

Also, the actor was knowing to perform in the final game between Al-Ahly and Al-Zamalek in Abu Dhabi but rumors are spreading that his performance might get canceled due to people opposing him performing. We are Hashtagstill waiting for the confirmation whether he will perform or not! But this is not all.

Sting and Ramadan

Ever since Ramadan’s incident and the brands he is collaborating with are getting attacked.
At the beginning of this month, the energy drink Sting released a music video called “Feeha Power” as an advert in collaboration with Mohamed Ramadan.

Right after the actor posted the video, a lot of comments came criticizing and attacking him on Sting’s page, some even used the viral hashtag that encourages to boycott Ramadan.

Etisalat and Ramadan

Even though we hadn’t seen Ramadan doing any advert for Etisalat like he used to since his advert with Jean Claude Van Damme in last Ramadan.


Part 2 S💣💣N 🤗💚

Posted by Mohamed Ramadan on Friday, February 14, 2020


We thought that no more collaborations between the actor and Etisalat are going to happen, except when a couple of days ago, the actor shared an old advert he had with Etisalat saying that part two will be out soon. We can’t help but wonder if there is a new advert even though he is under attack due to his actions. We are not sure if this is a smart move from Etisalat.

Brands To Be Under Attack

After all the attack on Ramadan, the brands have to be aware that they might undergo a brand-attack as they are using Mohamed Ramadan, since now, he is considered to be losing face due to his behavior. This might cause the brands a huge downfall in their sales.

With all the hassle that has been going on, we wonder if Sting and Etisalat will still choose to keep working with Ramadan and bear the harsh consequences as in the meantime, the actor is not as loved as before. Will they keep their collaborations and deal with any brand-attack that might happen? Or will they play it safe and smart?

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