Mohamed Mamdouh Plays “Detective Conan” Role in Chipsy Latest Campaign

It is important for brands to plan many campaigns to run throughout the year to communicate key marketing messages and stay active and on top of their audience’s mind.

Coming up with a new campaign for your brand has to meet your business’ objective. Be it, either to boost sale, expand your customer base or drive purchase during slow times. It has to align with the business’ need.

Brands should include a clear call of action for their campaign as well, to meet their objective, and by providing the right incentive for the required call of action.

Chipsy Egypt Campaign [#لمتنا_من_غير_فصلان]:

You have to be very clear and concise about your goal. The specific you are about this goal, the greater chance you will actually achieve it. Because it will help you focus your tactic and make it easier to track your return of investment (ROI).

Chipsy Egypt has launched a teaser campaign on the 27th of December with an intriguing hashtag that interprets to “our gathering without killjoy/downers” #لمتنا_من_غير_فصلان encouraging their fans on guessing what is cooking in its kitchen, and how will Chipsy achieve such hard task.

Chipsy Egypt Pre-Campaign post on Facebook
Chipsy Egypt Pre-Campaign post on Facebook

They posted a video later on, with a clue that they will be introducing 5 different games on the back of their packaging which you can play with your friends and have a fun outing without buzzkill.

Launching Entertaining and Funny Campaign:

Mohamed Mamdouh “Also known as Tayson” is an Egyptian actor. He started acting on stage, and came to prominence in the early 2010’s with roles in films like “Bebo we Beshir” (Bebo and Beshir) and and “Elfeel El Azraq” (The Blue Elephant). He become famous after he unleashed his outstanding talents in the iconic Grand Hotel series which literally took Ramadan 2016 by storm.

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On the 8th of Jan. Chipsy Egypt released the first advert on their Facebook page starring Mohamed Mamdouh which play the role of a detective who keep investigating and can detect the “downers” everywhere and take immediate action to keep the fun going.

Mohamed Mamdouh look so much like Detective Conan?

They chose situations which were very relevant to the daily life of Egyptian youth. They even created Chipsy Downers’ Police lead by Mohamed Mamdouh, who appear whenever someone in an outing is being a buzzkill, they humorously extract that person to allow his friends to have uninterrupted fun with Chipsy’s games.

The campaigns contains 3 different situations that at least one of them you have experienced before, if not all three (hopefully, you weren’t the downer).

Chipsy Egypt chose a relevant scenarios that their fans can relate to, to create a buzz and engagement and as expected their fans are engaging and tagging their friends in the comment section, sharing similar stories.

The call of action in this campaign is “collect all 5 games and play them”. In less than 24 hours, the advert gained 12K likes and 474 comment and was shared 643 times and this is in the first day only.

In this advert, they showcase three other situation that are still very similar to our daily lives, the first one, featuring the “wannabe cool” uncle, we all have that relative who always tries to act as if he/she is hip and cool by talking with a very old lingo.

The second situation is a happy bride who is dress shopping for her wedding and that one friend who points out that it it “too white” and just ruin everyone’s joyful moment and fun. The last part is featuring the icon of “Joykill” Khalil el Comedy! Which sends a message all on its own.

Chipsy campaigns Flashback:

This is not the first time Chipsy Egypt has created such an engaging campaign, they launched in the summer “more Chipsy for a better summer”#لصيف_احلي with a 25% more chips in their packages.

Before that was the funny campaign of “The Game starts with you“  #الماتش_بيبدأ_بيك which encouraged fans to predict how a certain match will end, by taking a photo with the number of goals they predict a certain club will score and posting it on their page, if their prediction is correct then they might win a ticket to watch the Champions League or other rewards.

In Conclusion:

Chipsy Egypt showcased how to develop interest-based targeting advert while working very close to their audience insights and can deliver what will surely get consumers captivated and willing to participate.

Keep it Simple, Relevant and Entertaining!

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