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Mobinil in The Top Fastest Responding Brands on Twitter, Worldwide!

Socialbakers continue to emphasize the importance of responding to followers on Twitter and are thrilled to see that brands are increasingly adopting this platform into their social customer care. But let’s have a look at just how fast brands are responding to their customers.

The Importance of Using your Twitter Profile as a Customer Care Channel

Since Socialbakers implemented Socially Devoted as an industry standard over a year ago, Socialbakers seen brands rise up to the challenge by creating two-communication with fans over social media. More and more customers have taken to social media platforms for their inquiries, moving away from standard customer service channels, such as email or call centers, in order to get prompt responses. It is important, not only for brands to respond to all customer inquiries, but do so in a timely fashion.

Brands that Hit the Nail on the Head

Halo BCA has been the reigning champion in terms of fastest response times on Twitter over the last two quarters, responding within three minutes on average! The telecom industry dominated the top 10 ranking throughout Q2 2013, with Movistar Panamá taking first place within this vertical, responding in just nine minutes. Personal Paraguay, Movistar Guatemala, Fibertel, and Mobinil follow close behind with 13, 14, 15, 16 minute response times, respectively. It is important for brands in the telecom industry to respond quickly to customer questions since mobile services are contractual, and good social media customer service can help to maintain customer loyalty and promote brand awareness. In addition, responding quickly to unavoidable customer issues allows brands to deter negative sentiment.

Top Ten Fastest Responding Brands on Twitter Worldwide
Top Ten Fastest Responding Brands on Twitter Worldwide


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