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Mo Salah returns to Social Media with DHL Express to connect fans with “Human Network”

Mohamed Salah’s sudden deactivation of his personal social media accounts had the world’s attention last week when the famous premier league football star mysteriously tweeted “2019 Resolution: Time to get in touch, for real.”

This led to a whirlwind of questions and theories as to the newly awarded African Player of the Year’s sudden expression to be “in touch.” There were multiple fan theories on the internet; from it as a reaction to a new football related dispute, to theories such as trying to avoid the negative energy and distractions of social media in preparation for future competitions.


Finally, DHL Express released this small teaser.


MO and DHL

Mohamed Salah and DHL Express officiated their partnership way back in May 2018, but DHL seemed to have been at a loss on how to use the football superstar or were waiting for the perfect opportunity. Unlike the other major brands that the star signed up with, such as Uber and Vodafone, DHL Express was not broadcasting Egypt’s favorite striker on various campaigns and social media posts.

However, DHL Express’ new and first real campaign with the striker also coincides with the brand’s 50th anniversary.

Looks like they could have been waiting since last year for this well-thought out campaign.


Connecting with Others

The campaign has been an understated hit, and uses social media and Mo Salah’s online influencer to its biggest advantage.

The campaign has found a great use for Salah’s large, and very active, fanbase, creating major buzz all around the world with the striker’s social media deactivation. For the 2 days of his accounts being deactivated, dozens of news outlets, local and international, were a buzz with curiosity.

DHL Express and Mo Salah’s move was enough to create a flurry of news articles and questions by both football fans and anyone on social media.

The campaign used social media’s fast paced and inquisitive nature to spread the star’s exit from social media, prompting massive amounts of free generated press and interest. Mo Salah’s captivating move caught the attention of almost everyone, and so did his reappearance days later when he uploaded DHL Express’ ad.

Although the ad was posted by Salah, the delivery brand was not far behind.


Earlier, we mentioned that the campaign coincided with the brand’s 50th anniversary. To celebrate this landmark event, the brand has created a MENA exclusive competition where fans can truly “connect” and reach out to the player.

Creative fans can submit a gift to be sent directly to Salah with zero charge.

Already there are dozens of submissions, and for those that do not know what to send, they can vote for the best creative gifts to be sent. The competition is set to end on February 15, with 50 winners to be announced the next day.

Mohamed Salah’s status as a national champion and hero makes him perfect for the brand’s slogan, as a perfect fit for someone “who matters” to Egyptians all around the world. His large fan base, strong presence online and great timing (Within beginning of new year and in between competitions) makes this campaign a legend-to-be in how to leverage social media and celebrity marketing.

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