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Misr El Kheir x Suits: Gharemeen Program Helps Reuniting Families This Ramadan

The holy month of Ramadan is known to be the best time to give and help those who are in need; this is why there are many charities that always urge people to make donations either to help individuals or to help build hospitals and so on.

Since we are a few days away from ending the holy month of Ramadan, charities tend to release more adverts to encourage people to donate since many people tend to pay their “Zakah” at this time. One of the charities that recently launched an advert for its Ramadan campaign is Misr El Kheir. Misr El Kheir launched many programs to help many people with different struggles, but this campaign has a certain goal to achieve.


Misr El Kheir X Suits

Few days ago, Misr El Kheir released an advert that included a very unique collaboration.

On the 19th of April, Misr El Kheir released an advert to promote its program “ Gharemeen”. The advert included a collaboration with the cast of the Egyptian Ramadan series “Suits In Arabic” like Asser Yassin, Ahmed Dawood, Tara Emad, Saba Mubarak, and others to be the representatives of the campaign till the end of Ramadan. The cast in the advert is urging people to donate to help those who are in debt and unable to pay it back.

The collaboration was a volunteer from the cast as the charity thanked them at the beginning of the advert along with the production companies.

The idea of integrating drama with the cause is very brilliant; Suits is one of the shows that has been making headlines in Ramadan and this is the only advert that used a trending drama as a way to market a cause.


What To Know About “ Gharemeen” Program

“ Gharemeen” program is one of the many programs Misr El Kheir has created to be able to help those who are struggling.

This program is one of the major pillars of Zakah; it is targeting debtors who are unable to pay back their debt and helps them solve their financial and personal problems so they won’t face the risk of being imprisoned.

Also, the program will help debtors find a sustainable source of income through projects, collective projects, or a regular monthly pension.

As we mentioned earlier, people always use this time of Ramadan to pay their Zakah, so donating to the “ Gharemeen” program will definitely help many people and will help reunite mothers with their children once again.


The Great Goal of The Campaign

The goal of the advert is to help a huge number of debtors.

Until we reach the end of the holy month of Ramadan, Misr El Kheir wants to release 3000 debtors and by the end of the campaign, the charity will be reaching a milestone of releasing 100,000 debtors ever since it started the “ Gharemeen” program.

This is a really important cause and its goal will help make many families happy this Ramadan. If you wanna contribute, Get in touch with Misr El Kheir Foundation via their website or mobile App.


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