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Microsoft and ITWORX Education Join Forces to put E-learning Software in Every Classroom in the World

In an attempt to revolutionize education around the world, ITWORX Education and Microsoft are teaming up to offer innovative e-learning software, EduShare on Office 365, for educational institutions around the globe. This global strategic alliance reinforces both institutions’ commitment to raising the standards of education across the world and to offering unique e-learning experiences to its users.

EduShare is ITWORX Education’s latest and most innovative learning content management system. With its availability on Office 365, the scope of collaboration between students and teachers is widened and there is increased access to learning resources, with little or no additional expense.

Commenting on the alliance, Hatem Sallam, Chief Executive Officer of ITWORX Education, says, “The partnership between ITWORX Education and Microsoft provides cloud ready, mobile education solutions to schools around the world. The main aim of bundling EduShare with Office 365 is to lower the barrier to technology adoption, by reducing the upfront investment for educational establishments in e-learning solutions. The changing needs of students and teachers alike need to be reflected in the classroom experience, and this is what we are attempting to create through such an innovative approach”.

The partnership follows Microsoft’s recent recognition of ITWORX Education as Worldwide Public Sector Partner of the Year for Education in July 2014, underlining the company’s powerful impact in the education market through leading-edge solutions and reliable services, based on Microsoft technology.

“ITWORX Education is a partner that shares Microsoft’s passion for making a difference in students’ lives. As our 2014 Worldwide Public Sector Education Partner of the Year, we are excited to have a Global Alliance Agreement which represents a strong plan for how our companies will work together. We are excited to continue our collaboration with ITWORX Education through this plan and embrace the opportunity to do even more in the months and years ahead” says Anthony Salcito, Vice President, Worldwide Public Sector Education, Microsoft Corporation.

ITWorx Speakers
ITWorx Speakers

As more educational institutions adopt EduShare through Office 365, more opportunities will be provided for individuals in rural communities to access education on an open platform. Additionally, as all learning resources are live, it will be possible for teachers to upload, distribute, edit, review and track learning content as and when changes occur.

Microsoft Egypt General Manager Khaled Abd El-Kader, expresses “ I am delighted with the alliance between Microsoft and ITWORX Education whose partnership goes back several years. Microsoft has been playing a leading role in supporting education in Egypt, and this alliance, which brings together Office 365 and EduShare, increases the technological support offered by Microsoft to schools in cooperation with its partners.”

As the education technology landscape is rapidly changing, using EduShare through Office 365 greatly simplifies the choice challenge for education leaders. The solution also enables districts and Ministries of Education around the world to avail accredited content across the board in a convenient and easy-to-use setting.

“Microsoft has always believed in ITWORX Education’s solutions and we are confident this new agreement will yield high results and take us further along the path of a high standard of education for all”, concluded Sallam.

About ITWORX Education:

ITWORX Education is a market leader in educational software solutions that address the needs of K12 education institutions worldwide.The company provides technology solutions, manifested through products and services for learning, instruction, and management, as well as adoption and change management services designed to raise student outcomes, teacher effectiveness and institutional development. ITWORX Education also partners with stakeholders worldwide to meet the education aspirations of the 21st Century.

A Microsoft Strategic Education Partner, ITWORX Education holds an impressive track record in delivering customised software solutions across the EMEA region, with deployment success stories in over 1,400 schools. Applying its experience in education, the company enables education authorities, private and public schools, academies, and colleges to realise their e-learning vision effectively and efficiently.ITWORX Education is also a Microsoft CityNext partner for learning management systems and learning analytics.

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