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MENA YouTube Pulse 2014 Leaderboard January – August 2014

The World Cup and Ramadan, two of 2014’s most memorable events are featured in the MENA YouTube Pulse 2014 Leaderboard, with telecommunication, consumer goods and automobile brands topping the board. Pepsi in collaboration with Chipsy took the top spot with their Ramadan campaign “يلا نكمل لمتنا”. The campaign utilizes Nostalgia Marketing to trigger social connectedness by featuring prominent celebrities from various eras of Egyptian cinema in their heart-warming ad. The next spot belongs to one of the most popular ads from Mobily’s World Cup series, “المشاركة الخامسة”, starring Yosef, a Saudi Arabian comedian who conducts spontaneous interviews in the streets of Brazil during the World Cup. Similarly, Gillette also collaborated with celebrities to drive virality and popularity for their “#InnerSteel” campaign, a football themed ad which took the third spot on the MENA YouTube Pulse 2014 Leaderboard. The clip features Lionel Messi and Roger Federer and portrays the determination and inner strength required for athletes to lead their teams to victory. STC took the fourth spot with the final football related ad featuring an STC user and his friend being rewarded with  with an all-expenses paid trip to watch an overseas football match in an effort to promote STC’s QUICKnet recharge cards. Land Rover completes the board with their short documentary titled “تحدّي القيادة في الربع الخالي” featuring a renowned Dakar Rally racer’s triumph over the harsh conditions of the Empty Quarter with the help of his Range Rover Sport.

Brand/Country: Pepsi & Chipsy Ramadan 2014 – Yalla Nekamel Lametna
Creative Agency: IMPACT BBDO
Viewership: 6,227,884


Brand/Country: #المشاركة_الخامسة 3: تعرف السعودية؟- Mobily
Creative Agency: LOWE MENA
Viewership: 3,601,122


Brand/Country: Gillette
Creative Agency: Grey
Viewership: 33,757,708


Brand/Country: خذ نفس قبل ما تشوف!
Creative Agency: JWT
Viewership: 1,881,966


Brand/Country: رينج روﭬر سبورت الجديدة كلياً | تحدّي القيادة في الربع الخالي | الفيلم الوثائقيّ
Creative Agency: Wunderman
Viewership: 375,423

The YouTube Ads Leaderboard charts the ads people chose to watch this year (determined quantitatively via paid-to-organic view ratio and audience retention), not necessarily the “most watched” ads on YT. As such, these ads won’t be the ones with the highest view counts, but those that engaged their audience by using savvy promotion to ignite organic pass-along

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