Michael Leander’s new Amplexus 29 Proven Techniques Actionable Digital Marketing Seminar Cairo will premiere in Cairo on 23 January 2013. Attending will help you increase your  digital marketing results quickly. 

In this actionable digital marketing seminar Cairo, you will learn from award winning speaker and trainer Michael Leander and a three carefully selected guest speakers.

Guest Speakers:

1. The new marketing obstacles and how you overcome them with no or little additional marketing investments:

  • What is changing in buying behavior and how do you meet and overcome these changes
  •  What is ZMOT and how do you create a new marketing methodology to meet these 2 challenges.

2. Increase the value of your web presence through the website funnel approach and turn your website from cost center to profit center:

  • At the digital marketing seminar Cairo, you will learn how to convert more visitors to action by using the 3 step funnel approach
  • See how you easily increase the conversion rate from each and every page of your website with just a few easy tweeks
  • Learn how blogging can increase customer acquisition and retention by following Michael Leander’s simply methodology
  • See how you increase conversion rates of your landing/campaign pages simply by putting a few powerful techniques into play

This part will also feature live website review and critique of up to 5 attendee websites. 

3. Proven techniques for effectively using PR to increase awareness and establish a greater online reach:

This session will be delivered jointly by PR experts Dina Halal, Deputy Manager with Editor PR, and Account Director Amira El Tohamy.

4. Integrate social in your core marketing processes with the 3 C’s and get results your competitors only dream about:

  • 3 ways to increase reach through social as an integrated part of your marketing processes
  • How to plan, seed and monitor your social media content for maximum traction with less efforts
  • The social business thinking approach based on the 3 C’s; Care, Content and Customization and how that will impact your business, not just your marketing

5. Content marketing: Create a winning content concept that will help you attract and retain an engaged audience:

  • how to design a compelling content concept that will attract and retain your target audience
  • the 5 step winning formula to a winning content marketing strategy
  • how to deliver on your content concept, get eye-balls on your messages and measure your success

6. How to make your content concept work in Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest: Get the proven formula for FTF:

  • understand the fundamental concepts for success in social media and how cross-promotion can increase the effect of your social media marketing investments
  • get behind the proven formula for FTF – frequency, timing and follow-up

7. Mobility: How to reach a growing mobile audience on the go via smart mobile advertising and serving value adding content through mobile Apps :

  • What you need to know about your mobile audience, and 3 steps you can take to engage them effectively
  • Why are apps for mobile and tablets popular, and what you can do to tap into this high growth market
  • Key lessons learned about mobile interactions in the Egyptian market

8. Increase the effect of your permission based email marketing efforts:

  • 7 things you can do right away to increase the success of your email marketing program
  • The 3 step process to increase subscription numbers with little or no budget regardless of your industry


When: 23 January 2013 from 09:30 – 17:00
Where: Sonesta Hotel in Heliopolis (Nasr City), Cairo
Price in USD: 1 person: 185 | 2 people: 175 pr. person | 3 or more people:  145 pr. person
Prices excl. sales tax, but includes all course materials and meals. 


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