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MENA Digital Awards 2015 to be held in Cairo

Digital Media Forum (DMF) is a vital annual and regional conference that enables professionals, and decision makers to meet and address the challenges and opportunities that are presenting themselves in the digital media sector.

Based in Dubai and founded by Najla Semaan Mazboudi who is a media professional with almost three decades of experience in media, marketing and event management, SPOTON connects with its existing and future clients by organizing creative and engaging events, and establishing strong, strategic and stable partnerships with major public relations and advertising agencies throughout the Middle East and Europe.

By the end of this fruitful Digital Media Forum held in Cairo whose activities and discussions have been up to the expected level of professionalism and creativity, Najla expressed her gratitude for having the whole DMF-Cairo experience has proven that the choice of the Egyptian capital as the first venue for the forum outside of Dubai was an excellent choice.

Najla Semaan Mazboudi said “I am sure it will have a positive impact on advancing the work of all participants, and will accelerate the pace of growth in the Egyptian market, which has, indeed, been increasingly benefiting from the latest developments in the field of digital technology.”

A note worth mentioning,Mrs. Mazboudi announced that the 2nd round of the MENA Digital Award will be held in April 2015 in Cairo,if the situations are good.

Finally, Najla wished to meet you all in the coming years on a regular basis in Egypt, the pumping heart of change

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