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MENA conversations around the World Cup 2014 [infographic]

Boutique consulting firm Social4ce recently released an infographic on social media conversations around the World Cup 2014 in the MENA region, which between May 11 and June 11, stood at 258,172. During that same period, 63 percent of those conversations were in Arabic, 38 percent in English, 4 percent in French, and 3 percent in Persian.

The English convos were overtaken by the hashgtaga #WorldCup, #FIFA2014 AND #football. With 35.4 percent, Saudi Arabia has the biggest share of voice in those conversations, followed by Egypt at 16.1 percent, Libya at 8.7 percent, Kuwait at 8.2 percent and the UAE at 8.1 percent. Most common topics that were discussed were “teams and players” (26 percent), “countdown to the World Cup” (18 percent), “predictions and results” (16 percent), and “FIFA world rankings” (13 percent).

World Cup 2014 in the MENA region


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