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McDonald’s vs Organic Food Experiment for Food Experts

In Holland, organic food is getting more and more popular, the guys behind YouTube channel lifehunterstv, Sacha and Cedrique, proved just that when they brought McDonald’s food items to a food exposition in Houten, Netherlands, and pretended they were from an organic fast-food line.

They took something that is totally different from organic food – McDonald’s. In this video they interviewed “experts” to see what they will tell us about McDonald’s food, they actually think it’s super organic food, Its funny because it’s just all in your mind and how people feel about food has nothing to do with how the food actually tastes.

What happens when you serve McDonald’s food to some experts and pretend it’s a new organic meal? The video is in Dutch, so you’ll want to click “CC” to turn on English captions.

Erik Hensel from the Lifehunters team told RT during an interview: we were always making fun videos that did go viral and after a while some advertising agencies and some clients came to us and they said “Can you make us a viral video?” I said “What’s a viral video?” and they said it’s “a video that spreads around the whole Internet.” So at that moment we decided to start this viral video company. It’s a hobby.

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