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McDonald’s Egypt just created one of the best viral campaigns in 2017

Does the idea of tough marketing competition freak you out? You would consider the concept of viral marketing which has taken up the time of modern marketers now.

Investing more in the idea is trending now in Egypt and marketers keep testing and implementing new concepts rather than creating advertising campaign and keep pushing it across all mediums.

And we are here to watch, document and enjoy the shift in the Egyptian marketers mind-set.

Viral marketing tactics that work:

McDonald’s Egypt controversial spelling mistake images was first shared via Zap Tharwat (2M fans and 836k followers) and Amina Khalil (371k fans and 1.6m followers) Facebook pages and Instagram accounts.

Both celebrities made it appear like a spelling-mistake to generate social buzz and urge people to comment by making fun of McDonald’s for such a naive mistake.

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مفيش اسهل من autocorrect يا @McDonaldsegypt

A post shared by Amina Khalil (@aminakhalilofficial) on

هو الحوار دة بجد يا جماعة؟؟ يعني لو هتتكلموا على التعليم اتكلموا صح McDonald's

Posted by Zap Tharwat on Tuesday, October 24, 2017


Makes you nervous? Trust us, we understand your reaction and this was the main intention why McDonald’s Egypt launched this campaign.

The attention has been warranted from marketing standpoint as allot of mixed feedback has been earned and the campaign generated the planned buzz. It has also paid off from a consumer point of view as the interesting content has gone into their ever hungry eyeballs yet massive cretinism.

Campaign Reveal:

The ironic part was about how McDonald’s Egypt is raising fund for enhancing the Education while missing a proper review for a simple sentence!

With education being the first and foremost challenge for the Egyptian society, McDonald’s Egypt revealed the propose behind the spelling mistake to show case the impact of education on the society and its consequences.


ضايقتك الغلطات الإملائية؟ليك حق، بس مش كل الناس عندها نفس الفرصة في التعليم..اتفرج على الڤيديو عشان تعرف أكتر.#لو_مضايقاك_غيرها#بالباقي_تعليم

Posted by McDonald's on Thursday, October 26, 2017


The brand reaped the digital hype results by offering a solution and urging people to take action because not everyone got a the same chance in a good education level.

Fire-back or, roaring success?

Thinking outside of traditional marketing is one of the biggest challenges for business. While marketers would think about allocating budget for digital marketing vs. traditional marketing, the smartest option is mixing both mediums and utilizing each channel in tactical plan that works in harmony.

But don’t just take our word for it—there are some statistics to back this up:

  • The published images received more than 27,295 organic interaction on Instagram and 3,440 interactions on Facebook.
  • The images published by Amina Khalil and Zap Tharwat got more than 250 shares on Facebook.
  • The published images attracted more than 913 commentators on Instagram.
  • The the video viewership on reveal hit 1.1 million views in 12hrs.

On a separate note, McDonald’s Egypt launched its 2:35 min. video on YouTube two weeks ago that attracted only 176 views. It seems that the CSR activities needed a tricky move to get noticed!

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