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McDonald's Egypt and Coca Cola Egypt Share the Love for Combo in Twitter Conversation

It worth spending time on developing a communications and stakeholder engagement strategy and plan to enable the Social Media team to understand how the community prefers to receive information. The main objectives for developing your digital communication strategy is to inspire and mobilize your fans and/or, followers to achieve specific business objectives.

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Twitter Coca Cola Egypt and McDonalds Egypt Conversation

This is the best Twitter conversation you will Read between Egyptian brands in 2014. It starts as a chat between Coca Cola Egypt Twitter account and McDonalds Egypt  when the former account started asking followers about a famous football player will visit Egypt between 16 and 17 Feb.

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A brilliant feedback came from McDonalds Egypt asking for exclusive answer for the old friendship between brands. Wait ! this is not everything, Coca Cola replied back sharing the love with McDonalds and asking for some patience !

This is the best part of the whole conversation, when  McDonalds posted this:

Mcdonalds Egypt sharing love with Cocacola Egypt
Mcdonalds Egypt sharing love with Cocacola Egypt

You Also can view the full conversation and engaged followers here:-

Twitter CocaCola Egypt and McDonalds Egypt Conversation

This was a great How real-time brands adapt to the moment on Twitter done successfully by both brands. Its even hard to know if it was a really well planned engagement tactic or, it happened spontaneously !

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In both cases you will love the conversation and say chapeau to both Social Media teams.

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