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Planning For A Great 2018: Should you invest in MBA?

The world of job-hunting continues to be a difficult one. With millions of people to compete with, especially in a job-market that is tight and short on open positions, job opportunities are tough to find.

The main ways to separate yourself from the hundreds and thousands of people are through personal branding, previous experience, and a better degree.

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Personal branding and previous experience may be hard to come by, but what you can always find is a way to get an MBA.

Getting a Master of Business Administration isn’t an easy task, but is it worth it?


Taking the Plunge and Knowing when to Stand your Ground

Logical risk-taking is part of any business, whether you’re at the top or just beginning your career.

Simply by reading this article, you are preparing yourself to see the risk vs benefits of getting an MBA. You’re already on track.

Risk-taking, and knowing when to stand your ground, is an important element in any business, and knowing how to take things into consideration is an important skill. Being able to listen, research and test possible solutions shows that you can take calculated risks, and know when to back down from a challenge.

Taking an MBA helps in providing you with practical and theoretical knowledge and know-how when it comes to taking risks.


Analyze, Manage and Solve

Three abilities you need to survive, three abilities you can find and train during the MBA journey.

During an MBA, you’ll be able to find how to analyze situations and managerial problems, how to manage people and issues, and providing solutions.

The MBA, like Paris ESLSCA Business School, are able to nurture these skills and abilities so that you’ll be able to take on any task in the business world.


A Leader and Team Player always get the ball rolling

Ever tried to get two male dogs who don’t know each other get along? How about two stubborn teenagers to clean up the house?

Either way, you know what we mean when we say getting stubborn people to work together is some of the hardest things you’ll have to do.

Other than helping you figure out how to be a better leader and team player, MBAs give you the opportunity, or headache, to learn how to get stubborn people to work well together.

Not everyone at your new office is going to be friendly, not to you or to other co-workers, and it may be up to you to fix that. MBAs give you the experience needed, both in leader and working with stubborn and tough co-workers.


Seeing the Bigger Picture

Some say that taking time off to do an MBA is crazy.

In the Evening & Weekend MBA Program, you will master the skills and build the network you need to realize your highest career aspirations while earning an MBA degree to update your knowledge and business competitive skills.

By acquiring an MBA degree, you will find the broadest array of global opportunities, an unparalleled approach to leadership development and a curriculum that builds well-rounded leaders.

Yet, sometimes, it is important to take that time.

Stepping back, even if you decided to take a break from work only for a short while, will help you see the bigger business picture. Sometimes, it is good to skip the daily grind for a little reflection and deep-thinking. It may need to some great ideas.


Get that International Feeling and Recognition

With an international MBA, you can get the added benefits of gaining knowledge on how international businesses work, and how to apply it here.

Many feel that international businesses seem to work better due to their ethics, tighter discipline, and knowledge about certain managerial aspects, so learning in an international environment or curriculum has special benefits. MBA degree is internationally recognized by both academic institutions and labour markets.

Some business schools like ESLSCA can provide an international type of MBA, helping you get in tune with how international companies think and work efficiently. Then it’s up to you on how to apply it to your workplace.

MBA opens the gate to its students to pursue their doctorate degrees at any of the world’s known universities. It also paves the way to its MBA holders to occupy senior posts in multinational companies worldwide. According to Business insider 2017 ESLSCA graduates earn the 9th top salaries among top 40 business schools graduates in Europe.

Paris ESLSCA Business School, which is accepting MBA submissions now, offers comprehensive MBA courses that you can take in Egypt. These include a normal MBA, and MBAs in Entrepreneurship and Finance & Banking. (Prices are in EGP and part of it is in Euros)


Get up to Speed

Another thing that MBAs help you with is getting you up to speed with some of the newest, and most popular software and communication techniques in business.

These can not only help with communicating better with your team, but can also support you in strategizing an organizing your work and teams.


Lastly, Getting Ahead of the Work-Game

Lastly, the one many work towards as their main goal while doing their MBA; an improved salary.

It’s true.

Having an MBA, or any form of post-graduate studies, increases your salary almost automatically. This is more out of respect for your time and effort, and is usually an important reason why people take an MBA.

It is important to add that many places will still prefer that you already have some kind of experience.

Having experience will separate you, from BA graduates and other MBA holders, and put you ahead of the game.

So, do you think its worth it? Let us know in the comments below.

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