MAYDAY: New roadside assistance app to save your day

In 2017, CAPMAS announced that there was over 9.4 million registered cars in the country, not to mention those that are currently not registered.  And although car accident rates have dropped 24.6% in 2017 compared to 2016, with around 17,201 damaged vehicles, the amount of cars left on the side of the road isn’t really declining.

Whether it comes from a spoilt tire or engine failure, or even a full-on collision, cars are often left on the side of the road for hours, causing traffic jams and other issues.

Inspired by a personal incident, Islam Ahmed, Amr Essam and Mohamed Abo El Fotouh have founded a new app in hopes of answering the question that lingered on their mind during their incident.

“Why there isn’t any easy access and reliable roadside assistance service in Egypt?”

Providing Reliable Roadside Assistance at the Push of a Button

Fresh off the block, this 4-month-old startup is picking up wind and buzz as an example of true entrepreneurship. Finding a universal problem and providing a reliable solution that focuses on helping users.

Called “MAYDAY,” this roadside assistance app is ready to provide aid through various solutions.

According to the founders, “With approximately 5MM private cars in Egypt and tens of thousands of car break downs, Egyptians are in need of high-quality roadside assistance provider that could eliminate all the potential hassle that motorists are faced with due to car issues.”

The startup is currently in the 2nd cycle of EGBank and Cairo Angels’ MINT incubator.

Additionally, MAYDAY App accepted into Falak startups recently and will receive an undisclosed amount of additional funding

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The app is meant to save drivers as quickly as possible, using a ride-hailing style of programing to find assistance from nearby providers and sending them to your location.

It uses a subscription-based system of payment. One founder stated that this is so “our customers can be satisfied with providing assistance 24/7, commitment to 30 min resolution time, dedicated customer support center and maintaining constant availability of capable providers around the clock. By subscribing to our service customers are guaranteed a hassle-free experience and peace of mind on the roads for them and their families.”

Recently, MAYDAY also successfully raised $20,000 in a funding round led by VFlock.

You can download the app from here.

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