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How Maybelline Egypt Combines Beauty and Brains on Digital Media

Social Media has changed every aspect of our lives, and most importantly, our decision making process. What strengthen this phenomenon more and more each day is the creditably behind the reviews and people’s experiences across all digital media platforms.

No one want to waste their money or time on a subpar product or a service. So, before you buy, you garner information about what brands offer and who already tried it and depending on the feedback you make your decision.

Even more than that, the feedback is not enclosed to your friend’s list. By viewing the brand’s page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram channel. You will straightaway get a feel of the brand’s identity and if it is a credible brand or if you should turn the other way for a competitor.

Old Vs. New:

Brands understand that word of mouth is one of the best marketing strategies ever, this is why social media is such an integral part of the marketing strategy. By having an ongoing conversation with customers they understand their customers’ demands and preference to include in their product. As well as, the customers are getting the communication they wish for from their favorite brands and are endorsed with the latest information and trends, everyone ends up a winner.

Omni-Channel Strategies:

Whether the customer is shopping online from a desktop or mobile device, by telephone or in a bricks and mortar store, you should develop a different approach for a unique user experience to deliver “seamless and effortless, high-quality customer experiences.

Your ultimate objective is to provide your customers a true integration between channels. That is why it is extra important for brands to adopt omni-channel strategies to develop a multichannel approach and create a unique shopping experience for each digital media relevance.

Digital Marketing and Social Media Marketing for beauty Brands:
In the older days, there were makeup counters in cosmetic stores and malls, where you go try the product personally before buying, however, it was not a guarantee that this product is right for you, since you make the decision in a couple of minutes after applying it, so you have no idea if after few hours it will still be a good choice.

That is why the beauty industry has such an active presence on social media and digital media in general. Let’s dive in and see their extremely successful strategic approach>>>

Think Local, Act Global: Localization of Maybelline NY Global Brand

International brands face a hurdle when putting their marketing plan across various cultures. A successful localization of the brand is critical as it reaches different mindsets while still maintaining the brand’s identity and voice.

 Maybelline New York Egypt Post Engagement
Maybelline New York Egypt Post Engagement

Maybelline NY maintained their global standards and brand identity by applying Intercultural Marketing effectively, which was apparent in their community management team which efficiently, knowledgeably and superb engaging manner worked around the clock to respond to fans with the genuine brand voice to constantly be young, girly and educative.

 Maybelline New York Egypt Loyal Fans Messages
Maybelline New York Egypt Loyal Fans Messages

As expected, the fans engaged whole-heatedly and 9 videos were shared the most and a winner was selected!

Utilizing Social Media Assets:

YouTube is where makeup professionals publish their video content, as you can easily upload a tutorial as simple as how-to apply the perfect winged eyeliner to a more complicated tutorial on how-to perfect a celebrity-look. By a click of a button you can have a pro makeup artist at your beck and call. Its every girl’s dreams, right?!

This is exactly what Maybelline New York Egypt’s objective is, to reach females from the age of 13-35 and offer to each of them, their own professional makeup artist. By initiating “It Looks” Campaign, which consisted of tricks and tips in the form of illustrations and videos to assist females on how to use makeup like a pro, by catchy captions and demystifying the rather complicated techniques “It Look” campaign reached 475k on Facebook and 172,385 on YouTube.

Maybelline New York Egypt Video Campaign

Planning and Strategizing Maybelline NY Egypt Advertisement:
Maybelline NY Egypt has accumulated exceptional YouTube views by stepping up investments in the platform’s True View in-stream advertising in addition to its loyal organic YouTube viewers.

So why boost when you have such an awesome fan base?!

How Maybelline NY Egypt Campaign Results:

Maybelline NY Egypt realised that as well and that is why they honed their focus on digital marketing campaigns. And they were ranked According to L2; which is a member-based business intelligence firm that benchmarks the digital performance of brands. Maybelline NY IQ score across all region has been ranked 145 (the IQ benchmark is 160) therefore, it is ranked at the top of beauty product category.

% Increase in Engagement Rate
New Fans Acquisition
In just one year Maybelline NY Egypt page, almost quadrupled their number of Likes from 248K in October, 2015 and reached 815k likes in October 2016.

Moreover, their Facebook page engagement rate skyrocketed since 2015 till year to date as the average engagement rate was 0.42% to become 13.09% !

Key-Lessons learned:

➤ Always do your utmost best to provide your audience with add-value content and a community management team that is dedicated to go the extra mile for your fans.
➤  Localize your brand to fit the culture while maintaining the brand’s global pillars.
➤  Keep your fans engaged with creative content and interesting contests.
➤  Social media can be a great source of organic data that will not be found in traditional marketing researches.
➤  Recognizing your loyal fans and identifying them can go a huge way for your brand.

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