Marketing Lessons from Beggars

All days everywhere and any time we see Beggars on the streets, I am not going to talk about social side it’s totally yours, and it’s all about Business. Beggars are better than many brands in designing their messages clearly that they need money, and how they convince you to take your money and you are totally satisfied.

They always do an excellent situation analysis, to find a good place with high terrific and there make sure that there is no other beggar around.The Beggar give us a very good service “a pray to God”, and they always try to add value by adding a box of tissue beside the pray, some people take and some not.

The place that the beggar can offer from it his/her service: You find them public places full of rich people they know right where they find their target market and Sometimes this area be an area of 50 m or closed like metro car.

Beggars didn’t price their service but the service that beggar gives to you is priceless, as the beggar gives you pray to God, you give beggar from the God gives you (mn ma A3tak Allah), but the environment around the beggar in the place that he chose to enter always effect on the price.

Beggars also promote for their service with calling you when you’re passing, by setting in public places with high traffic they use direct marketing techniques,  make it easier to came to you in Metro or to your car directly and gives you the pray.

We may assume a couples passing by the beggar and they look so lovely, so the beggar make a fast analysis of them, like looking for engagement ring in the right or the left hand, so if it on the left so he can pray to god to give them a baby, if it on right the beggar wish them to get married.

If a student is passing by the beggar they pray to god to make thing easier and to be successful, how it’s fast convince message.

First lesson the fast research (exploratory research) the beggars do to define the target market needs, then they design a message for them.

Second lesson here they playing on emotions (Consumer Behavior) the kids, marriage and succession.

Third lesson the personal branding of the beggar, what the beggar wear, how they talk and overall situation

So if you managing a brand, you have to be fast like beggars in entering new market, knowing you target market need, fast to define your message, and to keep your customers satisfied.

So what do you think about Beggars in marketing point of view?

And may be the next article will about the pricing of Microbus Drivers.