Mangroovy El-Gouna brings piece of red sea to surprise Cityscape visitors

Cityscape is one of the country’s biggest expos, bringing together most of the Egypt’s leading real estate developers under one roof. It is so big that Cityscape has created their own survival guide to help navigate its giant expo.

For real estate developers, it is a prime opportunity to showcase their biggest and newest projects to a huge number of audience. The expo is an opportunity not to be missed for real estate key-players not just to meet potential buyers but also to unveil creative ideas and differentiating brands from the competitors.

Seeing Is Believing: Mangroovy reflects brand uniqueness via booth design!

For every marketer, trade shows and expos are investments for future brand growth, and to ensure your investment is worth the efforts, one of the first things you should focus on is creating a booth that will break out among an ocean of competitors.

How? By creating an indoor sea!

Mangroovy Residence stood out among its competitors with one of the most complex, eye-catching booths to date at Cityscape 2018; with captivating blue sea, a clean natural look that fits its development’s aesthetic, and its own functioning waterfall.

Take a look at the booth that El Gouna’s first and only beachfront residential property, Mangroovy, has created for this year’s Cityscape expo.

The booth certainly stands out as one of this year’s most creative booths, and is set to capture the eyes and minds of the event’s attendees with its charming look, as well as capturing interest as El Gouna’s first ever beachfront residential property.

This 774-unit residential property is bringing its best foot forward with its Cityscape presence, making it an absolute essential stop while at the event.

Mimicking their own project building’s simple and elegant design, as well as its closeness to the waters of El Gouna, Mangroovy is able to show off/demo their property through its booth’s look and design.

El Gouna’s first ever beachfront residential property

The project, which includes fully furnished homes with integrated home automation systems, comes with a special offer only for its time at this year’s hottest real estate expo. From 28 – 31 of March, you can get a Mangroovy home with a 5% down payment and 6-year installment plan, all you have to do is visit its booth.

Even if you aren’t looking for a new place, but want to check Mangroovy out, Hilton’s new plans to build a DoubleTree hotel on the premises will give you a lot of relaxed time to walk around the beachfront property.

Takeout: Focus on your brand main message, or USP!

Most new projects can be a complicated concept for the new home buyer, or even for those with experience. This is where your brand communication message come in, it creates a tag-line that encourages your target audience to give you a moment of attention.

Mangroovy undoubtedly focused on their slogan “Seeing Is Believing” while designing the booth, which helps in displaying what they can achieve and deliver in their project.

The booth’s meticulous design and extra features show their dedication to the project mission, capturing their slogan’s point by displaying what their property could be, letting attendees see and believe the property’s value and possibilities.

What are your tips for creating the best booth? Let us know in the comments below.

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