World Cup 2018

Mandolin’s Mando joins World Cup mania!

Ever since his entrance into the scene, Mandolin’s Mando has been making a lot of fun and relatable content for the local chocolate brand. People are definitely enjoying the quirky and slightly annoyed character as he snarks and comments on the things around him.

Mando’s healthy dose of content has been great for the brand.

Mandolin has been putting a lot of effort into their comeback and has been working hard to become as culturally relevant as it was many years ago.

Mando’s emergence

Mando jumped onto the scene last year after Mandolin faced some heavy feedback on how they were placed in stores next to international chocolate brands.

Mandolin’s response was swift, and soon Mando was born and set out on the world.

مندولين – #قدرها

انا مش هسكت وهكمل و #ميكس_سنس انك تقدرني!مندولين .. #قدرها

Posted by Mandolin Egypt on Monday, May 8, 2017


People were quickly enamored by the thin, snarky chocolate bar and loved his message.

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Mando was a sarcastic champion of traditional sweets through his unconventional jokes and ad copies.

His culturally relevant wit and funny sarcasm quickly helped the mascot make a name for itself, as it was relatable to many Egyptians and the local culture.

As a local and classic brand, it “makes sense” that the brand would aim to use nostalgia and the love for originals through their new brand personality.

Soon, we were able to see Mando in action again during Ramadan.

مندولين – رمضان #قدرها

كفاية تقاليع بقى ونبي! #قدرها

Posted by Mandolin Egypt on Thursday, June 1, 2017

Mando’s character growth on digital arena

Much like other beloved mascots, Mando is still growing into his humor and presence on Egyptian social media.

Mandolin’s efforts in their content marketing has established the mascot as more than a one off. Since stepping into the spotlight, Mando has been growing his signature style of humor and has become a strong engagement booster for the brand.

A main reason for this success is how the local brand built Mando.

When we see a simple relatable character, we simply can’t stop ourselves from engaging more. Animated or illustrated characters have the added benefits of being seen as cute, adding more attention and appreciation to the brand personality.

Brand mascots or personalities enable brands to get closer to their audience, and it always helps that advertising through a created brand personality is rarely criticized, unlike with spokespeople or celebrity endorsements.

Mando has also been stretching his thin arms.

Although Mando is having a hard time right now, as his rising popularity has led to him being chopped up or eaten quite literally, he still makes time to be culturally relevant.

He has been commenting on several pop culture references, real life happenings and everyday situations with his evolving sense of unique humor.

Mando is quickly becoming a cultural reference himself as well.

And it continues…

Mando returns once again, joining in on the world cup festivities by mocking and engaging with the biggest trending topic of the year.

حرام عليكوا يا ناس! 28 سنة مستني و برضو ملحقتش اشوف الماتش

حرام عليكوا يا ناس! 28 سنة مستني و برضو ملحقتش اشوف الماتش

Posted by Mandolin Egypt on Wednesday, June 13, 2018


Mando continues to keep up with local trends and happenings, getting just as excited and tense as the rest of us.

Back with his signature sarcasm and culturally relevant wit, the single chocolate bar enjoys a night out while watching Egypt’s national team return to the international world cup.

Was it relatable as always? Let us know in the comments!

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