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Maker Faire Cairo 2016: The greatest assembly of divergent interests in the MENA region

Organized by Fab Lab Egypt, Maker Faire Cairo started off as a mini Maker Faire in 2015, gathering around 5000 attendees, 95 makers, 24 talks, and 32 workshops! Maker Faire’s aims -among many others- are to promote experience, motivation, and knowledge exchange through integrating science and technology into art and vice versa, bringing out talented communities to the public, helping makers communicate with one another by introducing them to each other on a vast platform of interchangeable positivity.

Get a glimpse of last mini Maker Faire 2015: 

Fab Lab Egypt is a community makerspace that promotes innovation and education by providing workshops, activities, and events, and has organized Maker Faire Cairo accordingly. The Faire is projected to surpass last year’s stats by at least doubling all numbers.

That being said, the difference between a mini and a featured Maker Faire will not only be in numbers, but also in content! Maker Faire Cairo 2016’s crew prepared an atmosphere to suit a wide spectrum of ages so that everyone can get the most out of Maker Faire.

In other words, children and elders can be makers too! In case you wanted to envision what Maker Faire will be like, then brace yourselves for DIY projects, exhibitions, exhibitory items for sale, and speeches from globally renowned speakers in diverse fields.

26th of March is the day all makers come together from Startups to teams to beginners. Join the Makers’ Movement

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