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10 Egyptian (Non-Fashionista) Influencers to watch in 2018

Debates and discussions are rife in the Egyptian social media community about the impact of social media influencers. Many Egyptian influencers are in fact trend followers and play around topics to promote an absolute openness in their lifestyles.

But who can provide real value through improving and enhancing people’s skills and quality of life, through influence on digital channels?

We’ve been following mega-influencers who can entertain and enhance your mind through shareable content. It may be the end of January, but it’s still a new year, and a new year means new opportunities for re-shaping mindsets.

What better way to improve your year by introducing a few new and interesting influencers into your newsfeed? We all sometimes need a mindless scroll through our social media, why not make it interesting or worth a laugh?

Here are 10, non-fashionista but still fashionable in their own right, influencers that you should follow for 2018.



Like every year, 2018 is probably going to be a tough one.

Positivity throughout the year is important, not only to survive, but to make it through the tough times and the happy experiences with a smile. So, follow these guys to have good vibes throughout.

Ashraf Helal

Popular Life Coash Ashraf Helal is here to provide you with some light, yet deep, advice.

Hossam Heikal

This guy’s big hair and smile will bring some light into your newsfeed.



Why not enjoy the year with a bigger head on your shoulders? Fill it with knowledge and know-how with these two geeky comedians.


Ahmed El-Ghandour, or Da7ee7, is an eccentric yet articulate young man who will use movements to get his point across. More importantly, his points and information are pretty interesting to listen to.



Get past the slightly hard to pronounce name, which gets made fun of almost every video, and you’ll find a wonderfully insightful and intriguing bundle of information and facts.



Improving Your Language Skills:

With the globalization effect, English is becoming more and more important in both the workplace and at home. Sadly, not everyone has the time to practice their English.

But these guys are here to help you out, with random bursts of English knowledge to keep you on track.

Omar A. Abdelrahim

This English instructor comes with highly prepared videos to help you with some of the deep intricacies and details of the English language.


Ehab Ramzi

Looking for a less serious English instructor?

Ehab Ramzi makes sure to keep a smile on both his and your face as he corrects your grammar.


For Laughs and Fun:

A smile a day keeps the doctor away. Not to mention all those extensive studies that smiling and laughing makes you healthier.

So, keep the health issues away with these funny pages.

Ahmed Rafat

A funny man with an ear to the ground, watch Ahmed go around finding out just how funny Egyptians can be.


Bakri Khaled Kabakibi

Bakri may be acting on TV, but his Facebook is still a popular gateway for fans of his funny videos.



We live in the only country that has the only surviving wonder of the Ancient World, and we’re full of other beautiful historic places and stories.

Passant Nur El-Din

Egypt’s most famous tour guide on social media, Nour el-Din’s aim is to encourage Egyptians to feel proud of their history and love their country by telling the hidden stories behind historical destinations.

Follow Passant as she walks us through some of the country’s historical and beautiful locations and histories.


Health and Medical Knowledge:

Lastly, health is going to be a big concern in 2018, as it has been for many years.

How well our bodies are tuned and taken care of play an important role in creating and producing top work.

Espitalia – الاسبتالية

Keeping your medical knowledge up to date can be difficult but Eman El-Emam (Script writing and content creation of Espitalia) can make it fun and simple..


Why list only “Non-Fashionista” influencers?

The proliferation of fashion-focused influencers has overrun our social media, with content that barely enhances our minds. These content creators are doing their best to bend the mold,and have connected with sizable communities. It is our responsibility to try and improve other lives through intriguing content, just like how fashionistas enhance our lives with their stunning aesthetics.

Finally, let us ask, can we all be influencers? Social Media platforms are making it easier to spread thoughts and share experiences, but should just anyone be called an influencer?

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