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Main Types of Engaging Content That Grabs People’s Attention

Content is what the whole social media is built upon, you can’t promote a product or build an application without content; it is the main and basic factor is marketing and in the social media world.

Through any type of content, you can do anything, you can spread awareness, promote something, and even give support and help to people. Anytime you see yourself paying attention to a post on any social media platform or a video, it is because of its content.

Engaging Content

If you own a brand, a blog, or if you are a marketer then the first thing you need to think about when it comes to promoting your business is the content and how you will present the product you have to draw people’s attention. Content has a lot of types that attract people and grab their attention.

Engagement is all about how you well you manage to communicate with your audience. Here’s the checklist for creating engaging content:

  • Define ‘engaging’
  • Create with intent
  • Make it too valuable
  • Stay creative
  • Lean into your strengths and passions
  • Create action-oriented content

As Newt Barrett stated, Genuinely engaging content is so attractive and appealing that it disarms you from your very first encounter…and makes you want to linger to learn more. When it really connects with you, it will take your breath away. It’s a little bit like love at first sight.

1- Creating Lists

People tend to love reading lists and the listicle posts or articles deliver the needed information just like this article you’re reading now. This type of content grabs the readers’ attention and can gain a lot of engagement because it is clear, simple, straightforward, and easy to understand, which is what the reader is looking for.

In other words, if you’re looking for the best restaurants, would you be looking for a normal article or post or you’d go for an article that provides you the names and what they serve?

One of the advantages of the listicle content is that it appears easily on the google search engines.

2- Video Content

Video Content is the most trending type of content these days and over the time we have witnessed application being released dedicated to video content only. Video content has many types; you can throw challenges, reacts videos, and live videos as they tend to grab attention and gain a lot of views.

3- Engaging Content

This is the type that attracts people the most; people need something to engage and interact with and even share. Engaging posts can be compartmentalized into many things; you can create a game to play with the audience, competitions with prizes, and even memes.

People tend to love memes and they share it most of the time so that will give you high engagement and also they love winning so offering a prize will drive them to engage more, which gives your content a higher reach and engagement.

4- User-Generated Content

User-Generated Content is the content that is made by the audience themselves. The point of having a user-generated content is that it builds trust between the product/brand and its followers since the presented content is based on personal experience.

The UGC can be written reviews, reposting the audience’s posts, or videos, and images created by the audience.

5- The How-To Content

Teaching people something or giving them guidelines to create something they want will draw their attention to your content. The “How To” content is one of the types that trigger people’s curiosity to learn.

Either you’re posting a food recipe, tricks and hacks, or technical solutions, this type will urge people to see your content and even try the information you’re providing and engage with you.

6- Infographic Content

Infographic content is very popular and one of the ways to deliver the information easily. People tend to share infographic content since it is understandable, you can have a hard piece of information but you can divide it into small clear pieces and put it in an infographic content so people can understand.

Infographic can also be used in education, entertainment, and providing technical information. To create infographic content, you have to be sure that it will visually attract people since the main element of an infographic is the visuals.


You have to monitor your audience and understand what type of content they always engage with, this is how you can gain popularity and increase your contact with your audience to build a relationship.

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