Ramadan 2020

Madinaty’s Advert: The Most Controversial Advert Ramadan 2020

This Ramadan, we are doing what we do best, we have been keeping an eye on brands launching their campaigns along with their new adverts and which brand achieved its goal and which failed miserably.

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This is the first Ramadan we see more than one advert causing a lot of controversies and failing to serve its purpose. It all started when people on social media platforms started to lash out at Cottonil for its indecency but it didn’t end there; people took social media again to criticize the new Talaat Moustafa Group’s new advert promoting its suburb Madinaty accusing it of class discrimination.


How It All Began

We have always noticed that Madinaty’s adverts tend to grab people’s attention; last year people commented on Assala’s song and performance and made memes about it but this time is different.


A couple of days ago Talaat Moustafa Group released its new advertisement to promote Madinaty and then all hell broke loose. The advert’s idea was having the original inhabitants of Madinaty talk positively about it and mentioning its features and privileges; but whoever worked on this ides, didn’t know it was going to backfire.


What happened is that the viewers sensed that the people in the advert are making a little bit of comparison between Madinaty and almost every other place people live in especially when a particular line was said that Madinaty’s community is great and the people are all similar; that is when the backlash began.


How People Reacted Towards The Advert

The new Talaat Mostafa advert has sparked controversy and among people and got major backlash as many people were opposing it. Despite the backlash and criticism, some people actually supported it and saw nothing wrong with the advert.

It didn’t take a day till people started talking about the commercial, criticizing it, and making fun of it. Memes were spreading and people started making fun of the people who are living in Madinaty.

One of the videos that caught our attention is a video by the famous social media influencer and radio presenter Marwan Youness. He created a video mocking the advert saying that there was no creative team behind the idea and posted it on his Facebook profile, the video has 179K views and 8.6K Shares.

النسخة الاصلية من اعلان طلعت مصطفى ٢٠٢٠ #بجدXرمضان

Posted by Marwan Younis on Sunday, May 3, 2020


Talaat Moustafa Group bid for 2nd chance

In an indirect reply, yesterday Talaat Moustafa Group uploaded an edited version of the 3 minutes advert to become 2 minutes. The new version is without all the bragging and the lines that triggered people’s anger.


Could The Backlash Have Been Avoided?

The first rule when creating a copy for an advert is knowing your target audience and putting yourself in the viewer’s shoes.

In order to avoid any backlash, you have to ask yourself, what the viewer wants to hear and how they want to hear it, so you can create something that won’t backfire and won’t trigger people’s anger; you have to remember that millions of people are watching your advert.


In your opinion, does the advert deserve this backlash? Or you think it is a normal advert?

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